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An overview of the different types of tea packaging available on the market today

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There is a wide variety of tea packaging on the market today, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Do you want a package that will keep your tea fresh and protected?

Or do you need something that will show off your tea’s unique flavor and aroma?

Maybe you’re looking for something eco-friendly or stylish.

No matter what your needs are, there is a type of tea packaging out there that will fit them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular tea packaging solutions available today.

What are the different types of tea packaging in the market?

Tea packaging plays a vital role in tea production.

It is the final step of the manufacturing process and can directly impact the quality of Tea and the tea-drinking experience.

Different types of tea packaging come with different benefits and drawbacks.

Some keep the tea leaves fresh better than others, while some are more user-friendly. Given below are popular tea packaging types:

Tea bag packaging ideas

Tea packaging bags are the most popular type of tea packaging because they are convenient and single-serve.

These packages have a pre-portioned amount of tea, which is perfect for one serving.

Teabag packaging materials are usually made out of filter paper, food-grade nylon, non-woven fabric, or plant-based polylactic acid (PLA). They can be sealed with a staple or by heat or ultrasonic welding.

pyramid tea bag
square-teabag picture
  • The pyramid tea bag is perfect for packing single-use premium tea leaves, like green tea, herbal tea, etc. Usually, it comes with a cotton thread and label. People can easily dip the tea bag into their mug.
  • Traditional tea bags are often come in round or rectangular forms, with optional strings and tags for convenience. These tea packaging bags design makes them an ideal choice for packaging CTC black tea, given its characteristically fragmented nature.”

Foil tea packaging pouch

Aluminum foil film provides excellent isolation from moisture, light, and oxygen – making it ideal for packaging tea leaves.

Therefore, they are often made in barrier bags to package bulk tea leaves.

There are mainly the following tea packaging pouches.

  • Stand-up pouches/doypacks: The recent popularity of foil stand-up pouches for packing loose tea leaves is due to several reasons.
    Doypacks are stronger, can hold more products, have a better display area, and the extra zipper makes it easy for people to access the contents multiple times without difficulty.
  • Foil Gusseted bags: Gusset bags have a more rigid shape and can hold a lot of loose tea. That’s why they are so popular for packaging loose tea.
    They are often found on the market packaged individually or in small gusset bags that are stored in cardboard jars.
    For example, in China, small gusset bags are also used to pack individual portions of Oolong tea and rock tea.
  • Side seal pouches: A simple single-serving tea sachet, usually made of aluminum foil with a three-sided seal or a four-sided seal pouch.
    This tea bag envelope is easy to carry, so it is a great option for promotional purposes or as an extra wrap for your tea bags that have a longer shelf life.
    They can also be printed with attractive designs.

Sometimes, tea companies often use modified atmosphere packaging in order to extend the shelf life of tea products.

For example, they may fill nitrogen into side seal pouches or gusset bags, or take all the air out to create a vacuum tea packaging.

Can or jar packaging

It is a popular option for packaging loose leaf tea or tea bags.

Bottle storage Container packaging is great for keeping your tea fresh and giving it a longer shelf-life.

Some tea companies choose to package premium tea in cans that have attractive designs.

These cans can be given away as gifts or souvenirs. However, it costs more than other tea packaging methods.

Metal tins

The metal can is an excellent choice for packaging premium loose tea or whole-leaf teas because it offers great protection for the leaves.

This option extends the shelf life of tea and prevents any unwanted odors from permeating other food items.

Plus, these metal tins can be printed with eye-catching designs to make them more visually appealing.

Cardboard tubes and paper can

paper can

Cardboard tubes or paper cans are another great way to store loose tea.

This type of packaging is both cost-effective and eco-friendly, as it can be recycled or reused.

The cost of cardboard packaging is lesser than metal tins.

Cardboard Box


Cardboard boxes offer good protection and are also great for promotional purposes.

The tea packaging box is typically used to hold individually-wrapped tea bags and the box doesn’t need to be airtight.

They take up less space and can be printed with vibrant colors and designs that make them attractive to customers.

Tea companies may also choose standard cardboard boxes for commercial packaging solutions.

Emerging Tea packaging ideas

Many tea companies are now experimenting with new packaging ideas that make their products more visually appealing and increase their shelf life.


Tea sticks are the newest trend in tea packaging and for good reason!

The bottom of the tea stick is designed with micro-pores to evenly release the aroma and taste of tea when stirred in hot water.

They’re ideal for busy lifestyles as they’re small and compact, plus require no extra tools or equipment.

Teacups with integrated filter bags

tea cup sample

Teacups with integrated filter bags are one of the newest tea packaging ideas.

At the bottom of each disposable cup, there is a layer of single-use loose tea leaves, which are separated by filter paper to form their own space.

This allows people to drink loose-leaf tea without any mess–all you need to do is add hot water and wait 3 minutes before enjoying your beverage.

Similarly, on our website, we also provide related tea cup sealing machines.

Custom tea packaging

Custom shape tea bags are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique design, like shape hearts, stars, and other various shapes.

They offer a unique way to present tea, making them perfect for promotional purposes or as gifts.

Additionally, custom-shaped tea bags may also come with resealable tags or strings to make them easier and more convenient for customers to use.

How to package tea for sale?

When you are packaging tea to sell, there are some things you need to make sure of. The packaging must be appealing to customers and have some good qualities.

  1. Custom-friendly tea packaging design. Creating a great user experience for customers starts with a simple design and a clear brand identity.
  2. Easy to carry and use. It makes sense to use smaller portions or resealable packaging for customers on the go.
  3. Be creative. It is essential that your brand stands out from your competitors. For example, you can add illustrations and different colors to enhance the design of your website or product.
  4. Clear tea packaging information. This includes the type of tea, the size and weight of the package, and the selling points such as the benefits of tea and whether organic and more.
  5. In line with eco-friendly packaging trends. Use biodegradable tea packaging materials and minimize waste.

No matter what type of packaging you choose, be sure to include clear and concise labeling.

Customers should be able to easily identify the type of tea, the date it was packed, and any other important information.

By taking the time to package your tea properly, you can ensure that it will reach your customers in perfect condition.


Tea packaging today is much more versatile and effective than in the past.

It needs to be done properly in order to ensure a quality product and protect it from damage.

Tea packaging companies should take the time to research and select the best packaging for their products in order to provide the best user experience.

At xhteapack, we have experienced tea packaging experts ready to help you select the best packaging options for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and find the perfect solution for your tea!

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