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Tailor bag packaging machine for your tea or coffee products

You may have no idea what our pouch packing machine can do. You need to provide a general description of your product, such as its physical properties: solid or powder, Particle size, etc.

In addition, the exact specifications of tea bags are also indispensable, such as tea bag styles, Package dimensions, Package weights or volumes,  packing speed.

Tea bag machine installation, maintenance & troubleshooting

In order to reduce the downtime caused by the technical failure of tea packaging machine, the technical support service is very necessary.

Purchase a tea packaging machine from China

Our sales team can help you solve all the problems related to export trade, like logistics and clearance.

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To Be Our Pouch Packing Machine Distributor

Based in Zhangzhou, China, Xhteapack is an emerging supplier of automatic pouch packaging machines. We’re proud of our top products, including the tea bag machine, VFFS packing machine, and coffee pouch machine, etc.

Our dedicated R&D team ensures we’re always enhancing our technology – upgrading parts and refining production methods, all in line with ISO9001 standards.

With exclusive rights to manufacture and research our pouch packing machines, we’re happy to authorize client use, in accordance with local laws.

In today’s global marketplace, Xhteapack extends a warm invitation to prospective agents worldwide. If this interests you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re eager to share the advantages of pouch packaging engineering with you.”