Coffee pouch machines

We provide a variety of coffee pouch packaging machines that are designed for bagging coffee powder, ground coffee, coffee extract, and whole bean coffee. 

Coffee Pouch Packaging Solutions

coffee packaging solutions

Our coffee bagging machines are designed and built for the coffee industry. From whole beans to ground coffee and coffee powder, we get all flexible pouch packaging solutions covered.

Coffee packaging plant chooses our coffee bagging equipment since they are simple to operate, long-lasting, low-noise, and highly productive for bagging coffee items. Plus, as part of our automated packaging solutions, we also provide our customers with auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, augers, volumetric fillers, and scales based on their particular circumstances.

Engineered to fractional, Single-serve coffee container packaging needs and designed for user-friendliness, we offer vertical bagging machines for filling and sealing ground coffee and whole beans into pillow bags or gusseted pouches and stick pack machines for instant coffee mixes. And the hanging ear coffee ground can be easily handled with our drip coffee bag packing machine. With the coffee capsule filling machine, you can pack specialty coffee into K-cup and plastic coffee capsules.

These coffee bag machines are compact and easy to operate, and we can offer a variety of configurations to fit the production requirements.

Using pre-made pouches is a great way to fill and package ground coffee or whole beans. The premade pouch machines can fill and seal doypack stand-up pouch, zipper pouch, flat bottom, and quad seal pouch.

Versatile and easy to use, we offer tailored horizontal premade pouch machines or rotary pouch machines to meet specific production rates and budgets.

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Xhteapack offers various coffee bagging machines for ground coffee and whole coffee beans. They can handle most of your coffee bags packaging needs. However, it is not easy to introduce all aspects of coffee packing machines.

Here, we provide a straightforward guide to the different kinds of coffee pouch machines. For instance, what types of bags can be completed by the coffee packing machine, what components are available, and how the coffee is packaged, etc. 

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Our Coffee Bag Packaging Machines

With its simplicity of use, rapid packaging speed, and long service life. The automatic coffee pouch machines can significantly enhance coffee production by lowering labor costs while increasing quality control.

We offer bag-in-bag drip coffee packing machines, instant coffee pouch machines, coffee beans weigh and fill machines for premade bags, like zipper pouches, gusseted bags, and flat bottom bags. Make sure that the automated bagging solution you select matches the pouch’s properties.

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Coffee producers always make every effort to gain more market share in the coffee industry. Whatever type of package you need: frac packs, quad style, stick packs, bag-in-bag, pre-made pouches, or coffee capsules.  Xhteapack has the solution for you!

Benefits of coffee pouch packing machines

Save labor

Highly automated coffee packaging systems require few workers to operate. With simple training, workers can use the machine right away. The automatic coffee packaging machines can reduce costs while increasing production and quality.

Long service life

The machine body is built primarily from (SS304) stainless steel. Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. And the configuration elements adopt the famous brand, like Siemens PLC, Schneider’s cylinders, etc.

High precision

Using modern filling technology like augers and multi-head scales, coffee packages can be filled as accurately as possible. Consequently, it can reduce unused product waste and ensures a more efficient coffee packaging process.

Superior seal integrity

By following pre-programmed specifications, coffee packaging equipment creates a perfect seal every time, and considerably less rework is required. And the tight seal packet reduces the risk of exposure coffee products to outside elements such as oxygen, moisture, light, and temperature fluctuation

What are the types of coffee products?

Coffee is a very popular beverage today, and it comes in many varieties, For instance, the coffee products are available in whole beans, roasted coffee beans, fractured ground coffee,  instant coffee mixes, as well as coffee extracts. In light of this, we design and manufacture reliable coffee packaging equipment that can be used to package various coffee products.

coffee bean.jpg

Whole beans

ground coffee.jpg

Coffee ground

3 in 1 instant coffee powder.png

Instant coffee

coffee extract

Coffee extract

Available Coffee Packaging Bag Types

Coffee Comes in a Variety of Package Formats. Our factory provides bag packaging solutions for different forms of coffee products, from coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee powder, and coffee extract.

  • The drip coffee bag with an outer envelope can be regarded as a coffee frac pack with a disposable filter. You can make a full-bodied cup of coffee without extra brewing tools. In addition, we have designed a new type of drip coffee filter bag with wider circle cardboard. Our drip coffee packaging machine can complete the drip filter bags for ground coffee.
  • Small and easy-to-carry stick pouches, as well as side seal pouches, are the first choice for instant coffee powder and coffee extract. The coffee bag pack machines can produce flexible bags quickly.
  • The roasted coffee beans would release large amounts of carbon dioxide after being roasted. As a result, the ordinary sealed bag will burst due to the build-up of carbon dioxide. So the pre-made bag with a degassing valve is an ideal choice. Our pre-made pouch fill and seal machines are capable of producing popular look doypack bags. 

In all kinds of coffee pouch packaging solutions we supply, the corresponding coffee packaging materials are equally important. You need to choose the ideal package for your product.  As a result, the excellent coffee packet can guarantee maximum yield in terms of quality and aroma, and make your coffee product stand out on the shelf.

Pillow bag


Optional Functions

quality inspection.jpg
  • Flexible integration with different fillers for granular or powdered materials, such as servo auger filler, volumetric cup fillers, multi-head weighers, etc.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging(MAP) Gas flush
  • Outer envelope packager.
  • Date printer.
  • Checkweighers.
  • In-feed and take-away conveyors.
  • Features like tear notch and micro-perforation make the pouch easy to open.

The Basic Knowledge About Coffee Bag Machine

Good coffee packaging matters

A great coffee package design helps you build brand recognition and enable your product to stand out from the crowd. Packaging that works well for coffee achieves much more than just attracting customers. It can keep your coffee fresh and in good quality as long as possible from the roasting warehouse to the customer.

There are a few things to consider before you start  purchasing or operating the coffee packaging equipment. Reading this guide can help you choose the perfect coffee packaging machine that works best for you.

At Xhteapack, our engineers will customize the ideal coffee packaging solutions to meet your coffee packaging factory needs. Before we manufacture coffee bag machine, you need to help us determine the following factors.

  • The coffee products you intend to pack.
  • The flexible packaging type you need, rolled stock films or already made bags.
  • The packaging speed you except.
  • Bag types.
  • Your coffee packet’s specification, including package dimensions, package weight, or volume.
  • Your coffee packaging factory’s size and layout.
  • Other special requirements such as MAP(Modified atmosphere packaging) packing.

Provide Corresponding Coffee Packaging Materials
We provide the related ground coffee packaging consumables, especially for Japanese drip coffee bags and flying saucer circle coffee filter bag suits. In fact, many coffee shops come to us through drip coffee packaging materials and ask us to manufacture coffee packaging machines for them.

Low coffee bag packaging machine cost
With more than 10 Years’ experience in manufacturing packing equipment, we have sufficient equipment to produce high-quality accessories. Meanwhile, we maintain a team of skilled workers. We are confident to offer affordable high-quality coffee packaging machines for different customers.

Troubleshooting and Lifetime Support
We provide training videos on the installation and operation of coffee packaging equipment. And we will arrange the engineer for door-to-door installation according to the actual situation.
Then, we support your equipment for life. If customers have any questions, we provide remote video technical guidance and engineer overseas service.