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4 Side Seal Pouch

Cost-effective and easily pouch packaging option

4 side seal bag

4-Side-Seal Pouch Packaging Solutions

4 side seal pouch is a type of packaging that offers a high degree of protection for the product inside.

It is made from two pieces of film. The film is sealed shut on all four sides or three sides, leaving one side open to pack the contents. And no gussets on these pouches.

With a tear notch or resealable zipper, 4 side seal pouches can be easy to open and work well for single-servings


The 4-side seal pouch has a slim size which makes it easy to store and transport. The compact form makes it easy to store a small volume of products.

The sachet packaging machine often uses this sachet for packing food items, as well as other products that need to be kept dry, such as granular sugar, floury products, and pills. 

Solid structure

Keep the items safe when they are in transit.


Suitable for making samples to promote.

Uniform appearance

Sufficient display space for branding.

Materials and Feature options

Film Roll Material

Most films with thermal sealing capabilities include laminated film and laminated paper film, as well as aluminum foil film.


Hanging hole, Tear notch, Rounded corners, zipper, and spout are all available to suit your needs.

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Key Benefits of 4 Side Seal Bag

Flat pouches are an excellent option for efficient and cost-effective packaging. The flat pouches’ simplicity ensures that little effort is required to package and seal them.

four side seal pouch
  • Affordable flexible pouch choice
  • Good package security from leaking
  • The tight seal prevents leaching.
  • Storage and transportation are both cost-effective.

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