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Heat Sealable Tea Bag Paper Roll Stock

double chamber filter tea bag

Tea Bag Paper For Auto Packaging

The tea bag paper roll is a long, cylindrical roll of paper that is used to create tea bags. It is a sustainable and affordable way to produce tea bags at scale.

Tea bag paper rolls can be used in tea bag packing equipment to make Lipton dip tea bags, round tea bags, single- or double-chamber tea bags, coffee filter packets, and other food-related applications.

Plus, tea bag paper is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the needs of the customer. It can be cut to any size or shape, making it a versatile product for a variety of applications.

What is tea bag filter paper made of?

Tea filter paper is a roll of film that is made from an economical pulp base.

The films are heat-sealable, meaning they can be easily sealed using a tea bag machine.

As a result,  the finished tea bags can endure steeping in hot water for a long time without breaking. 

As a professional heat seal filter paper rolls manufacturer in China, we provide customized mesh and filters at wholesale prices.

Features of Tea Bag Filter Paper Roll

In general, filter paper rolls are available in bleached and unbleached types. They come in a choice of either 20 GSM (standard texture) or 21 GSM (mesh/embossed texture).

  • High strength, no breaks or dropped lines during the soaking process.
  • High permeability (conducive to the rapid brew of tea flavors).
  • Free of non-food additives, and meet health-related requirements.

Tea Bag Filter Paper Rolls Parameter

MaterialWood Pulp, pp fiber
Standard size:125mm / 145mm / 170mm
Seal Adaptability:Heat Sealing
UsageTeabag or coffee pod
Heat Seal Temperature135℃

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