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XH-69 Automatic Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

The XH-69 drip coffee bag packing machine is perfect for packaging single-serve ground coffee packages. With its 3-side ultrasonic cutting and sealing technology, this machine produces beautiful and neat drip coffee bags.

Additionally, it can package both the inner drip coffee bag and the outer envelope in a one-step production process, ensuring that your products are tightly sealed and protected. As a result, your drip coffee products will be quickly packaged and ready for sale.

Bag types

Drip coffee bag packaging styles

Standard drip coffee bagDrip coffee bag with outer envelopeStandard drip coffee bag with or without overwrap.

Rectangular coffee bag with thread and tagRectangular coffee bag with outer envelopeRectangular coffee bag with thread and tag.


Usually, we recommend you pack 8-12 grams of ground coffee in a drip coffee bag.

Drip coffee bag material

Drip Coffee Filter Bag
Drip Coffee Filter Bag

Drip coffee filter roll:

Nylon, Non-Woven Fabric, and any suitable filters for ultrasonic sealing.

Outer Envelope:

Heat sealable laminated materials, like Plastic /aluminum foil film / laminated paper film/ P.E

Demo video


  • Adopting the vacuum feeding method, no need for manual repeated feeding. It can also reduce dust and avoid polluting the workshop.
  • Using well-known branded electronic components, like Omron PLC, and Schneider electrical cylinder.
  • Automatic deviation correction helps the inner bag to run to the correct position.
  • Ultrasonic sealing and cutting.
  • The outer bag film drawing is controlled by a stepping motor, ensuring accurate and stable bag length positioning.
  • The PID temperature controller accurately controls the temperature of the heat sealer and brings a good sealing effect. And it can be applied to a variety of packaging materials.
  • Easy to Cleaning. The main machine parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel, so it ensures hygienic product output.
drip coffee packing machine Design drawing

Technical data

Additional information



Packaging Method

ultrasonic for inner bag; Heating for envelope

Measurment Method

Auger filler / Multihead weigher / Volumetric cup filler

Weighing Range

5-10g, ±0.5g

Packaging Materials

Nylon, Non-Woven Fabric, Laminated Film

Drip Bag Size

L: 50-80mm W: 50-80mm (made by requirement)

Envelope size

L: 75-95mm W: 80-120mm (made by requirement)


35-50 bags/min

Machine Size


Machine Weight


Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Air Supply

0.6MPa (Provided by the customer )

Equipments options

  • We offer a variety of weighing and filling systems for coffee grounds, tea, herbal, or powders.
  • Date printer. A ribbon coding machine can print the date on the outer bag packaging.
  • Leaving a reserved connector to link with the nitrogen-making machine, which can flush nitrogen into the bag to keep coffee fresh.
  • Tear notch device.
  • Finished product conveyor.

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