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Manual paper tea cup sealing machine

XH-CBJ paper cup with instant tea sealing machine

Disposable paper cup with tea inside bottom are a recently introduced single-serving tea packaging type in the market. It is convenient and fast, allowing for instant brewing and consumption.

The Instant Tea Paper Cup sealing machine is a fully automatic quantitative tea leaf packaging equipment. The main feature of this machine is the automatic quantitative placement of tea leaves at the bottom of the paper cup, and then sealing it with non-woven fabric through heat sealing.

It operates without noise, is stable and reliable. Suitable for placing Fragmented tea, tea leaves, flowers, fruit tea, and different shapes of tea raw materials.

Bag types

Sample tea cup with loose leaf tea inside bottom

Filter paper specifications: circular roll filter paper.
Paper cup specifications: can be used for 6-16 ounces and other sizes of paper cups; use new type of filter screen and filter paper, with a thickness of 18 grams, diameter of 77mm and 90mm.


Demo video


  • One cup volume per cycle.
  • Hot pressing temperature: 200℃ (adjustable).
  • Each cup of hot pressing time is 2 seconds. Temperature control accuracy: ±5℃.

Technical data

Additional information



Packaging Method

Heat sealing

Packaging Materials

Filter paper + Paper cup

Packaging speed

30 cups per minute

Weighing Range

1-20g per cup

Machine Size


Powder Supply

220V 50hz

Equipments options


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