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3 side seal bag

Sides Seal Bag Style

Side seal bag is a convenient flexible packaging format. It is often used in small serving food packaging applications. These airtight bags act as a barrier against air, moisture, and light from outside the bag. In the food packaging industry, 3 side seal and 4 side seal are the most common qualitative and low-cost side seal pouch styles.

The rolling stock film bag-making style makes the side seal bag very suitable for packaging powder, liquid-like materials. Especially for single-serve small-dosed merchandise, such as snacks, instant soups, coffee, tea, etc.

Promotion Friendly

Flexible customized design for outer packaging.

Stable structure

Strong seal to hold items savely and reduces defective rate.

Widely used

fast packing applications, the production efficiency is improved.

Materials Features And Optional Design

Film Roll Material

Made from multi-layer plastic films, laminated paper film, and aluminum foil lamination. The laminated film provides an extra protective layer to prevent the bag from being weakened by creases, and ensure the products in the side seal bag have a long shelf life.

Optional Design

Hanging hole, linking bag,  airplane punching hole, degassing valve, easy tear notch, resealable zipper, date printing.

Variant side seal bags: We can provide some special shape bags, that make your packets stand out.

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Key Benefits of Side Seal Bag

Side seal bag is a simple, cost-effective packaging bag style. Since its compact structure, regular and Leak-proof appearance. It is oxygen and moisture resistant. Very suitable for mass production with automatic packaging machine.

three side seal pouches

3 Side Seal Pouch Advantanges

3 side seal flat pouch, also known as flat bags, are usually square or rectangular in shape. It is made from one roll stock film and sealed on both sides, leaving the top or bottom open for filling products.

3 side seal bags have comparably a larger filling volume and faster packing speed than the 4 side seal bags. It brings reasonable packaging solutions for most food packaging companies.

In addition to being commonly used in food sachet packaging, three-side-seal bags are also often used as secondary packaging for tea bags, hanging ear coffee bags.


four side seal pouch

4 Side Seal Pouch Advantages

4 side seal pouch is a Lean and concise bag. It is made from 2 pieces of film. As the name implies, all 4 sides of the bag are completely sealed, resulting in a slim size. The compact form makes it easy to store a small volume of products.

Side Seal Pouch Gallery Samples

3 side seal bag 4 side seal bag special shape stick pouch

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