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Fully Support For New Packaging Machine Buyer

Running your tea business can be complicated. However, your automatic flexible pouch packaging project should not be, we’re here to help.

Purchase Guides For Your Pouch Packing Machine Scheme

So, you are considering purchasing your first automatic pouch packaging machine. However,  you don’t know how to get started. Don’t worry!   We have prepared an introduction to common terms and a complete purchasing guide for you.

Before pricing, let’s figure out some basic information.

  1. The Properties of your product, such as the size and fluidity of tea particles.
  2. The bag style you expect, like the pyramid shape, rectangle, pillow bag, stand-up pouch, or gusset bag.
  3. The performance of the automatic bag packaging machine you expect, like packaging speed, Unit packet weight, volume, etc.

At xhteapack, we specialize in creating custom pouch packaging solutions. Our automatic equipment for tea and coffee is particularly renowned! If you’re considering purchasing your very first automated packing machine, allow us to assist.

Popular First-Time Pouch Packaging Machines

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose XHTEAPCK?

Your reliable pouch packing machine manufacturer. We stand behind every automatic packing machine.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Fuselage And First Rate Components

The machine body is made of thickened stainless steel plate. the automatic packing machines are strong, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. It enables pouch packing machine a strong body and long service life.

Moreover, our pouch filling machines utilize internationally well-known branded components and parts like OMRON PLC and sensors. They provide stable and consistent packaging performance. 

A team of experienced engineers

Xhteapack has a professional automatic packaging machine manufacturing team, including 2 senior engineers in the machinery industry, 2 professional mechanical programming technicians, 5 senior installation technicians. 

When a breakdown occurs, our After-sales technical staff are on call for both online & onsite correction.

Stringent machine quality inspection

We are an independent pouch filler machine manufacturing factory. Before each accessory is made, it must go through three quality inspections: raw material procurement, mechanical processing, and molding.

When the auotomatic pouch packing machine is made, it must pass the following tests:

  1. 24-hour idling test
  2. 120-minute trial packaging
  3. Durability test of key components

Not only that, we would invite customers to the factory for on-site acceptance.

Useful First-Time Buyer Information

Questions To Be Answered

We ask some questions during our initial conversations. Download the questions list to make the First-Time Purchase easy.

Before Pricing

Read the key tips we provided,  we will provide you the most accurate pricing according to your desired packing machine configuration.

Caculate Your ROI

Need help calculating the return on investment of a potential packaging machine purchase? We’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Question!

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  • The diversity of customer demands results in different configurations for tea packaging machines., as well as raw material price fluctuations, there is no standard price, but we can provide a range, most of the equipment is less than 10,000 US dollars.
  • The price largely depends on your unique needs: usually the more complex, customized, or high-speed the packaging process is, the more you need to pay.

Our pouch packing machines support various types of flexible bags for tea or coffee products.

  • Single serve TEA packet: Pyramid tea bag with/without tag, Lipton tea bag with/without tag, Double Chamber tea bag, 3 sides seal/4 sides seal foil tea bag.
  • loose tea leaf packet: Stand up pouch, gusset bag,
  • Types of coffee packaging: Instant coffee power stick, 3 sides seal/4 sides seal foil bag for coffee powder, Drip ground coffee bag, Gusset bag for coffee beans.
  • Usually, the pyramid tea bags are usually made of nylon mesh.With its good permeability and the sufficient internal space, it is suitable for packing whole-leaf tea, scented tea and herbal tea. The brewing effect is excellent.

  • Rectangular tea bags are made of filtered paper. Suitable for packaging tea powder, small particles of materials, such as CTC black tea, desiccant, etc. The finished tea bag can be collected well without considering the extra extrusion.

Adopting color touch control panels, The operation of our machine is very simple. Our clients can easily master the operation after learning the Video we sent, and our engineers and technicians will provide you remote technical support at any time. 

If necessary, you also can send staff to inspect the Packing Machine before shipment and learn the operation in our factory.

We can make sample tea bags according to your requirements after receiving the materials from you. Once the samples are finished, you will pay the postage on delivery.

For overseas users, in order to save time, we will provide video display and full-size photos.

We have some best-selling models of tea bags in stock. For example, double chamber tea bag machines, pyramid bag tea packaging machines, and ear drip coffee bag machines.

For individual customized tea bag equipment, usually we need 3 working days about technical details and order confirmation. But for the whole packing line,we need 20-30 working days.

One year warranty and lifelong after-sale service via skype/Email/mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat/etc.

Also technical service overseas is available.

Send us video when the machine breakdown, then we will send video back to teach you how to repair it.

Our engineers are available to serve overseas, but the travel fee is responsible by you.


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