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Wholesale UFO Style Drip Coffee Filter Bags

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What is a fedora coffee filter bag?

Fedora drip coffee filter bag is a disposable single-serve pour-over coffee drip filter.  It first appeared in South Korea. As its name implies, it looks like an upside-down fedora hat or a UFO. This one-cup filter coffee bags are a variant of drip coffee packets.

This coffee filter paper bag is mainly made of food-grade filter paper, safe and non-toxic. Once you’re finished making your coffee, simply dispose of your dripper. In general, a complete set of fedora drip filter kits consists of a paper coffee filter, a round label paper, and a plastic lid. An aluminum foil envelope can be added as needed. Suitable for packing roast ground coffee, health tea, herbal tea, etc.

Fedora coffee filter bags features

The fedora coffee filter inherits the advantages of the hanging ear drip coffee filter. It is an ideal choice for brewing coffee at home, office and handing for samples. Even a lazy coffee drinker can get a pot of coffee quickly without using extra brewing coffee tools. 

Apart from this, it can be used in an automatic drip coffee filter packing machine to produce single-serve pour-over coffee packets on a large scale.

Bulk Coffee Filters like Fedora Hat

Looking for a business partner to buy UFO-style disposable pour-over coffee filter bags at wholesale price?

The circular-round design individual filter coffee bag is a single-serve pour-over coffee packet. Compared with the traditional Drip Coffee Bag,  the only disadvantage of the Fedora hat pour-over coffee filter is its higher price.

However, consumers’ preferences are the most important. We believe that more coffee drinkers will vote for the UFO-style coffee filter packs. Now, We here provide free samples for your coffee shop reference.

Standard commercial coffee packs parameters


Filter bag size: Outside diameter: 102mm, Inner diameter: 53mm.

Capacity: Up to 12g.

Filter bag: non-woven, corn fiber.

Holder: cardboard.

Packing specification: 1 carton is 20 bags.

UFO style coffee filter bag advantages

Wide cardboard bracket

The ground coffee filter bag is not easy to collapse. Meanwhile, it brings a wide display area for your commercial coffee packs.

Greater capacity

The hemispherical drip bag filter can fill up to 12g of ground coffee.

Better brewing experience

It can imitate the hand brewing coffee. The brewing effect is comparable to that of the V60 coffee machine with mola filter paper.

Extra lid

It can maintain the temperature of the coffee and reduce the loss of coffee aroma.

Customizable private labels.

It benefits the promotion of disposable single-serve pour-over coffee drip filters.

Wholesale Coffee Filter Bags

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Fedora dirp coffee filter bags niche

when it comes to disposable drip coffee filters, a good brewing experience, easy carry, and good looks are all factors that win the favor of coffee lovers.

In fact, the single-serve coffee packets are more than just disposable paper coffee filters.  We found that many coffee drinkers would like to share the drip filter coffee with their friends.  It brings a way to promote drip coffee packets.

Using the empty bulk coffee filter packs, coffee roasters can distribute new frac pack coffee samples to test a certain market. The unique style can help your new coffee blends spread quickly, and increase the awareness of your coffee shop‘s private label.

By the way, our coffee frac pack equipment is capable of mass packaging for the UFO-style drip filter coffee pouches. If you are an active coffee packaging factory, our coffee packing machine can greatly improve your bulk coffee filter packs packaging efficiency.

How to use fedora type coffee filter bag?

Similar to the pour-over brewing roast ground coffee using V60 hand drip coffee maker. But the drip bag coffee offers an easier way to brew quality coffee without any coffee maker.

Once you get a prepackaged fedora drip bag coffee.  All you need is a cup and hot water.

  • First, open the package and uncover the lid. 
  • Secondly, place the filter coffee pouch on the cup.
  • Next, pour the hot water over ground coffee like drawing a circle. You’d better pour the hot water several times so that the coffee can fully release its flavor. After that, you can close the lid. It can prevent the rapid loss of temperature and the aroma of coffee.
  • Then, Take out the filter and wet coffee bed after brewing for a few minutes and you can drink it directly.
drip bag coffee instructions

The Basic Knowledge About Cup Coffee Filter Bags.

Our goal is to equip you with all of the useful information, help you find a suitable single cup coffee filter for your coffee shops.

Yes, disposable paper coffee filters are entirely compostable. 

In general, the white coffee filter paper is bleached with chlorine, but the content is so low that it will not affect the environment. While the unbleached filter paper is in brown color.

Here is an outline of the costs you will incur:

  • platemaking fee: Pay a small fee for making customized label plates according to the label design you provide. The generic version does not have this part of the fee.
  • Filling fee: If you need commercial coffee packs that has been already packaged in drip bag filter, you need to pay for the coffee filling.
  • Special packing fee: For example, color box, extra charge for personalized outer bag packaging.
  • Shipping fee: It is the cost of transporting the goods from the factory to your doorstep. We offers you with any kind of convenience.
  • Payment for the order: you can choose to pay in full, or pay 30% TT in advance and then complete the final payment within the contract time after the order is completed production.

Of course, you need to provide custom files in the following formats (AI, PSD, CDR). 

The customization period is 7-10 days. The order starts at 500 bags. 

Usually, the more quantity you order, the lower price it will be allocated to a single package.

Samples are available at any time, usually it takes about 5-7 days for express delivery from China to major countries like USA, Australia, etc.
The order completion time is determined by the size of the order quantity. Usually for 10,000 empty fedora drip coffee filter kits, the lead time is about 12-15 days.