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Satisfactory Bag Packing Machine Factory

We provide complete pouch packaging solutions, from machines to services. High performance, superior quality.

Tailored Tea Bag Packaging Solutions

There are various bag types of tea packaging in the market. The same goes for coffee bag packaging. Both of them bring a strong demand for customized bag packaging equipment. 

At xhteapack, we design tea packaging solutions that suit the specific needs of your tea shops. Our engineer will get the key information from the view of the client’s point:

  • The tea or coffee products you want to pack
  • Packing style, packing speed, degree of automation
  • The size & layout of your plant
  • Tea bag machine capacity
  • special requirements like nitrogen flushing/ vacuum packing

We will integrate the collected information, put forward a preliminary plan for clients. After discussing with the customer,we will optimize the details of the machine design based on your actual situation. And then finalize the tea packing solution.

When the machine is completed,  a strict trial packaging test will be performed. At this time, we’ll ask for some tea leaf samples and packing consumables from your side to inspect.

Installation Guidance & Training

From pre-sale consultation to after-sale installation and commissioning, we have a team of professional engineers to provide technical support, including remote network technical services and door-to-door on-site support:

  • Operation training
  • On-site installation and commissioning
  • Guide for use and maintenance of packaging machines
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Timely upgrade and optimization of machines

Extensive Spare Parts Resources

The key electrical components of our tea packaging machine are all well-known international brands, like Siemens,SMC, Panasonic. They are durable and reliable, and easy to buy and replace. 

Therefore, timely replacement of vulnerable parts is an effective way to prevent accidental shutdown. We also provide customers with the necessary accessories and component kits.

  • Consumable parts with the possibility of wear.
  • Tools: necessary tools for maintenance and installation

How Our Services Boost Your Success

Our customer services go beyond the pre-sales & sales periods.

24/7 Customer Service

We try our best to ensure Immediate response to any customer's inquiries, manufacturing, inspection, and equipment maintenance requirements for tea bag packaging machines.

Free Consultation

Professional and technical advice on machine selection and use guidelines will be provided free of charge before and after ordering

Technical Support

All the machine enjoys a one-year warranty. In the meantime, our engineers will fix any malfunction and replace the damaged fragile parts for you free of charge.

Efficient Parts Supply

If necessary, we will provide standard spare parts within 3 working days, and customized ones will be provided in time within 7 working days

Safe Packing

As the supplier of packaging machines, we value packing more than anyone else. Every machine is equipped with a fixed device to prevent movement during transportation, and it is carefully packed with plastic wrap before it goes into a special wooden case.

Strict Trial & No-load Run Test

After the packaging unit is installed, we will carry out 36 hours idling test + 120 minutes material test packaging, as well as the durability test of key parts, customers can come to the factory for acceptance.

Solving Problem

You’ve Got Packaging Challenges And We’ve Got Great Engineering Minds


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