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Specialized Tea Bag Machine Manufacturer

Boost your herbal tea packaging business profits with our stable and reliable tea bagging machine

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Free Test Tea Pack Service

We are your one-stop-shop for customized pouch packaging solutions and technical services, in addition to our tea and coffee packaging machines.

Let’s help you elevate Your Tea Packaging Quality and Efficiency.

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Checkout Automatic Tea & Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Xhteapack’s multi-purpose tea bag packing machines help you set up a business packaging loose-leaf tea or ground coffee with ease. 

Machinery Features Make Tea Packaging Business Success

Achieve your tea and coffee product packaging goals with our expertly designed pouch packaging equipment.

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easy to operate

Our pouch packaging program is optimized for easy operation, with a user-friendly visual interface.

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simple maintance

Enjoy hassle-free coil film replacement and effortless maintenance with our stainless steel-structured pack machine.

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smart and safe

Our abnormal alarm device monitors the entire pouch packaging process and stops the machine if a fault occurs, such as an overload.

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Long service life

Our tea filling and sealing machine is built to last, with a sturdy body that can handle the demands of production.


Fast & Precision Filling

Achieve even greater accuracy and speed in tea packaging with our precise weighting fillers and smart servomotor-equipped tea pack machine.

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First-class electrical components

Our tea bag machines feature world-class imported electrical parts and critical components, including Schneider cylinders and Siemens PLCs.

Customizable Bag Types For Your Tea Packaging Needs

Make your tea or coffee products stand out and last longer on the shelf with our effective pouch packaging machine.

Bag types of tea packaging

Pouch styles of coffee packaging

Performance Guarantee & Free Lifetime Support Included.

If you are a first-time buyer for an automatic tea packing machine. Don’t worry!!

Reasons to Choose Xhteapack

Choose from a variety of equipment that will suit your needs and interests. The machinery featured here has been designed with you in mind, providing the perfect package for any business challenge!


Competitive price

The ideal location for us is the industrial belt, which is well established. This gives us a wealth of spare parts options and more skilled personnel.

Extensive manufacturing experience

Our plant is located in a region where tea is produced. We have specialized in bag packaging machinery for Oolong Tea, Tieguanyin, and Wuyi rock tea plantations for a long time.

Various packaging solutions

Lipton tea bags are ideal for tiny elements like herbs and spices, while Pyramid sachets perform well when converted into loose leaf tea!

Premade bags for loose tea leaves or coffee items are just a few of the many types.

XHTEAPACK's Services Always Go Extra Mile

Tea bag machines are no longer a financial drain on your operation. We aim to make it easier for you to run your tea packaging business with Xhteapack.

Quality inspection

Quality inspection

The tea bag machine's test drives and debugging will not cease until it meets the design goal. On-site testing is now available.

Technical support

Technical support

On request, on-site installation and maintenance can be provided along with remote videos for technical assistance and training.

Warranty and spare part kits

Warranty and spare part kits

We provide a 1-year warranty on our tea packaging equipment. To minimize shutdown downtime, we provide important components and worn spare parts.

Real Stories from Satisfied Customers

Experience the Benefits of Our Pouch Packaging Machines Through Our Customers’ Eyes.

Get reliable and adaptable pouch packing machines from Xhteapack for improved production.


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Elevate Your Tea & Coffee Packaging Quality and Efficiency