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Drip Coffee Filter Bag

drip coffee bag sample

Drip Coffee Bag Roll For Auto Packaging

Disposable Hanging Ear Packaging Roll Film for Drip Coffee is a high-functional filter made of ultra-fine fiber nonwoven fabrics and it was developed especially to brew coffee.

Standard production, suitable for the vast majority of drip coffee bag packing machines.

For those interested in developing your own drip coffee bag packaging facilities or testing your market with an initially small quantity, we are able to provide complete and timely OEM support to help get your project off the ground.

Features of Drip Coffee Bag Roll

  • Excellent seal effect. The finished drip coffee bag is heat sealed or ultrasonically welded, resulting in smooth and attractive seal.
  • Low Cost. The drip coffee bag is disposable, healthy, and rather cheap. It’s ideal for drip coffee bag packaging in cafes, roasters, and co-packers.
  • Ease of use. The drip coffee bag’s rolled film can be swapped with ease, which is beneficial for mass production and packaging efficiency.

FAQs about drip coffee filter roll

Once you’ve bought drip coffee filter roll, you might want to know the following details:

The drip coffee filter is used on the Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine like this:

drip coffee bag roll

Heat sealing and ultrasonic sealed hanging ear drip coffee filter bag both have a similar function, which is to prevent coffee powder from leaking out. 

Compare to heat sealing method, utrasonic welding is smoother and flatter than heat sealing, with smaller sealing edges. Furthermore, unlike heat sealing, ultrasonic welding does not produce additional heat that might damage the coffee in the drip bag.

Ask Drip Coffee Filter Bag Manufacturer

Drip Coffee Bag Rolls Parameter

Standard size:180mm × 70mm,  5000 Pieces/Roll, 4 Rolls/Carton
180mm × 74mm,  4500 Pieces/Roll, 4 Rolls/Carton
Seal Adaptability:Heat Sealing/ Ultrasonic
Capacity3-10g(Based on the actual object)
UsageTeabag or Drip coffee bag
Packing information4500Pieces/roll, 3Rolls/carton