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Gusset Bag

For these side gusset bags with an expanded capacity and flexibility, Gusset bags are rapidly gaining popularity in the food industry.

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Gusset bag packaging solution

It is widely recognized and preferred that side gusset bags offer an attractive, flexible shelf presence in food packaging.
Furthermore, the gusset bag has a strong structure and protective barriers that keep your products fresh for much longer. That is why they are commonly applied for carrying many items in bulk.
The gusset pouch stands out for its versatility and ability to pack a wide range of food products. Side gusset pouch can accommodate up to kilograms of items that include: nuts, candies, coffee, snacks, candy, baking powder, etc.

Our Gusset pouch packing machines are tailored to handle this bag type easily.

Larger volume

More space for carrying items.

Outstanding presentation

Large advertising face, every side is a billboard.

Wide application range

Can pack almost granular or powder materials.

Materials and Feature Options

Gusseted Pouch Packing Material

Gusset pouches can be made from the laminated film, Kraft Paper, Matte Foil, and most heat sealable films with 4-12C thickness.

Optional Add-ons

Hanging hole, clear window, degassing valve, tear notch, Ziplock, spout,and so on.

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Gusset Pouch Samples Gallery

As a kind of flexible packaging pouch, gusset bags are widely used in food packaging. Since its storage-friendly material and the fact that it can accommodate as many items as needed.  In fact, gusset bags can be easily packed with our gusset pouch packaging machine

The Basic Knowledge About Gusset Pouches

When you want to increase the ratio of product-to-packaging, gusseted bags and pouches are an excellent choice. Listed below are general FAQs relating to gusset pouch packaging.

In flexible pouch packaging, the gusset is a piece of material used to add extra space to packaging. This is a panel that can be folded into a flat surface, but will unfold when loaded with items.

Side gusset bags

The gusset pouch packing machine can add gussets to both vertical sides of the pouch, resulting in a lying fat pouch. The side gusset pouch provides much more space and increased flexibility for your products. Usually, side gusset pouches have only one seal on the side. 

Bottom gusset bags

When combined with a flat bottom or bottom gussets, gusset pouches can stand upright, bringing a sturdy and flexible packaging option. When holding the same volume of products e, bottom gusset bags appear to be larger.

Overall, side gusset bags are very convenient for case packing and pallet stacking.

Basically, gusseted bags look similar to pillow bags but feature side gussets. In other words, gusset bags can be made without much difficulty. Only gusset devices need to be added to the pillow packaging machine.

Gusset devices are located on both sides of the forming cylinder of the pillow packaging machine, which correspond to the heat sealing devices.

During production, when the packaging film passes through the bag forming device, the bag former makes the film into a cylindrical structure.

After being filled with the products, the cylindrical shape film would be transported to the heat sealing device through the film feeding wheel. And then, the two gusset devices would press on both sides of the rolled film and create two gusset angles, which were sealed and cut immediately afterwards.

As you consider gusset bags as your packaging solution, trial run packaging is imperative.

Below are tests that can be done to evaluate the quality of the gusset bag and the performance of the automated pouch packaging machine. Carrying out these tests can reduce the risk of gusset bag packaging problems, such as leakage and rupture, as much as possible.

Puncture Test: The gusset pouch must be able to resist external factors that could damage it or puncture it.
Leakage Test: Test the gusset pouch sealing for strength to ensure it can withstand the volume of your product.
Insulation test: This test is used to determine whether the pouch is strong enough to protect your product from external factors such as heat, dust, and oxygen.

Gusset bags offer several advantages in retail, including increased product visibility, efficient storage, and branding opportunities. They can also accommodate various product sizes and shapes, providing flexibility.

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