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Stick pack packaging

stick pouch is a flexible bag packaging solution in the food packing industry. It is narrow in width and long in length, like chewing gum. The compact size makes the stick bag can hold single-servings neatly.

Generally, stick pouch manufactured in a specific form of vertical form, fill and sealed (VFFS). The packing material for the stick bag is paper or plastic that can be printed. The finished stick pack is sealed at both ends with a vertical seal down the back.

Stick pouch is an ideal choice for small dose food packaging as they are well-sealed and not easy to burst. Especially for powdered products, like coffee, drink mixes,  vitamins, sugar, etc.

Our pouch packaging equipment is capable of supporting this type of package effectively to boost your productivity.

Customizable design

easily be made into different shapes, colors and sizes, that are lightweight and attractive

Economical and efficient

stick packs need less film used and the machine packing speed is faster

Easy to use

handy little packages,easy to carry, perfer for any kind of products such as sugar,coffee

Materials Features And Optional Design

Film Roll Material

Laminated film, laminated paper film, aluminum foil film.

Optional Design

Linking bag, hanging hole,  airplane punching hole, easily tearable notch, date printing.


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