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Non-woven fabric tea bags

What are non-woven fabrics?

Nonwoven fabric is made from short and long fibers that are bonded together with chemicals, heat, or a solvent.

Unlike traditional tea bag paper, they are strong and flexible fabric. 

These fabrics offer several benefits, including increased strength, moisture resistance, and reduced shrinkage.

Non-woven tea bag roll

The high-volume production of tea bags often uses non-woven filter fabric rolls.  This tea packing material can be easy to cut and seal the plastic into any custom shape, like a pyramid bag or flat one.

Additionally, the non-woven filter fabric is a lightweight and breathable material, allowing the tea leaves to expand when brewed.

Furthermore, non-woven tea bags can easily be disposed of after use without harming the environment.


Non-woven tea bag features

Using non-woven fabric creates a tea bag that offers great flavor and practicality for tea producers and consumers alike.

  • Both heat sealing and ultrasonic welding can be applied.
  • Small thermal shrinkage.
  • Eco-friendly,100% degradable.
  • Softness, Lint-free.

The non-woven tea bag is safe to use and will not cause any irritation.

When poured into boiling water, the non-woven tea bag will not release any harmful substances.

In addition, non-woven fabrics can be degraded without harming the environment.

Tea bags types

Ask non woven fabric tea bag roll price

Non-woven tea bag roll specifiction

PLA non-woven tea bags are made using a special packing material that is similar to paper, but much thicker and more durable.

String length
Non-woven tea bag roll
20*20mm, single side print

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