XH-11 Small Scale Round Tea Bag Machine

This small tea bag machine can stably complete the production of round tea bags. It uses good permeability filter paper as packing material for round tea bags, guaranteeing well-infused and flavorful tea. The packing speed is around 40-50 bags per minute. It is suitable for packing tea products with smaller particles, such as broken tea, tea dust, and even desiccant. Activated carbon, etc. 

When starting the round tea bag machine, the material would be put into the hopper. Then, the tea leaf fragment will be sent to the bag-making device through a rotary volumetric cup filler. After that, the round tea bag will be heat-sealed and cut.

Bag types


This small tea bag machine is an automatic precision sealing equipment that can seal rectangle or round tea bags. Suitable for packing green tea, black tea, flower tea, coffee, health tea, herbal tea, etc. It is widely used in the food and medicine industry.

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Bag samples: Filter paper tea bag with tag(naked)

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Demo video


  • Stainless steel fuselage, the structure is stable and durable, suitable for most packaging environments.  Parts in contact with tea, including the hopper, rotary measuring cup, and bag former, are made of food-grade stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It has a good performance in making bulk tea bags.
  • The packaging equipment can keep running with stable and large output. Due to its reasonable price and small space,  small enterprises prefer to buy and use it.
  • The operation interface is simple, and the workers can operate the round tea bag machine after simple training.
  • The market sources of packaging consumables and major spare parts are abundant, which helps to reduce production costs.
  • The main parts are made of internationally well-known brands, easy to maintain, and low failure rate.

Technical data

Additional information

Equipments options

  • Finished product conveyor, to deliver finished round tea bag.

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