Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Vertical Form Fill and Seal bagging machines are capable of producing a variety of bag styles and providing high output. VFFS machines are an economical way to meet packaging needs in a wide variety of industries.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Packaging Solutions

vffs packing solutions

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines (VFFS) offer a high degree of flexibility in operation. It provides fast and economical packaging solutions that make the most of valuable plant floor space. Besides, the vertical bagging machines offer various benefits to the production line.

VFFS packing equipment can help you package products more efficiently by accurately portioning and bagging them in a short time. That makes the vffs packing machine commonly used in a wide range of industries, including granular, powdered ,or liquids goods such as snacks food, pet food, ground coffee, loose leaf tea, and pastes, etc.

The VFFS machines are designed for continuous motion packaging of a wide variety of products. They are highly versatile when it comes to changing the forming size to suit different portions and bag sizes. In short, our new family of vertical packing machines has always been designed and manufactured to cater to the needs of our customers.

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The vffs packing machine is a versatile and efficient way to package a wide range of products. The machine starts with a large roll of film, which is then formed into a bag shape. The product is then placed into the bag and sealed, all in a vertical fashion.

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Our Vertical Form and Fill Seal Machines

Generally, The VFFS packing machines can be integrated with different metering systems so that it can meet the continuous motion packaging of various products. It can offer you a variety of bag styles such as pillow bags, stick pouches, small sachets, 3/4 side seal pouches, gusset bags, etc. Meanwhile, it also gives you a broad range of options for packing, including possible bag widths between 60-250 mm, lengths between 60-350 mm, and weights between 20-2500 grams.

vffs powder packing machine

Small Vertical Packing Machine

This small vertical packing machine is ideal for granular, powder, liquid goods and other industries requiring automatic packaging of small items.
The packaging film width less than 280 mm or a bag width less than 10 cm is typically used.

collar type vertical pouch packing machine

High speed collar type packing machine

The vertical pouch packing machine facilitates the packaging of gusseted, side seal, pillow, and sachet pouches. It can be used for continuous production at high speeds.

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We have developed efficient vertical packing machines that are powerful and offer high output. With the high-end components (Siemens PLC and control panel), our vffs packing machines require very little maintenance and are extremely durable.
The optimized work performance enables the VFS packing machine to achieve the best production rates and obtain the highest bag quality. Want to know whether the vertical form fill seal machine fit your business?

VFFS Packing Machines' Features


High output

Servo vertical form fill seal (VFFS) baggers offer faster bagging speeds. the bagging speeds can reach 150 per minute;
Work hours and costs can be reduced for high volumes of production with the efficient packaging process.


Our vffs baggers utilize intuitive control touch panels. It can help you automate the entire vertical packaging process,including the products feeding and dispensing, and the bag forming, filling, and sealing the pouch.

Fast changeover

Multiple bag sizes are available for the vertical bagger. The precision electronic modular components in vertical bagging machine would greatly simplify the process of changing over. Operators can exchange pouch sizes quickly and easily without the need for trivial tools.

Industries and Applications

We have developed a series of Vertical Form Fill and Seal Baggers, which are used in various industries. We would like to help you to choose the right Vertical bagging machine that fits your business scale.

Food Industry: dried nuts, beans, grains, pistachios, walnuts, rice, corn, seeds, coffee beans, snacks, potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips, chocolate ball, shrimp, sweet candy, sugar, tea, herbs, Chinese medicine, dry food, and other granule products.

Pet Food Industry: dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food, etc.






Dry nuts

pet food

Pet food



coffee powder

Coffee powder

Select the bag styles for you packaging needs

We offer a wide range of packing pouches options to suit your business needs. Below the bag styles it is clear that every pouch option has its own niche. So we invite you to get inspired through browsing our tailored pouch solutions.

pillow bag

Pillow Bag

Stick Pouch

3 Side Seal Pouch

4 Side Seal Pouch

Triangle Pouch

Gusst Bag

Stand Up Pouch

Optional Functions

vffs packing machine
  1. Both Ultrasonic welding and heat sealing are available for cross seals and/or back seals on all VFFS-Series baggers.
  2. Hole punching device for round hole or Euro slot.
  3. Wide range of filler systems for powders, granules, or liquids products, like auger dosing filler, multi-head weighers, and volumetric cup filler, etc.
  4. Raw Materials and finished package conveyors
  5. Modified atmosphere packaging method: nitrogen gas flush, Vacuum packaging.
  6. Chain style linking bag, date printer, Tear notch, and so on.

The Basic Knowledge About VFFS packing machines

In order to make sure the VFFS packaging machine we recommend is appropriate for your needs, we have prepared a bunch of questions in advance. Reading our knowledge base for VFFS packing equipment would help you get started on the automatic packaging success.

If you want the best recommendation and pricing, you need to tell the VFFS packaging machine manufacturers about your project specific details as much as possible.

1. What bag style do you want to get?

VFFS packaging machines can produce a variety of bag styles, like pillow bags, side seal pouches, stick packs, gusset bags,and so on. 

2.What products do you want to pack?

It is important that the automated packaging system should be custom-tailored to your product. For instance, when it comes to the solid product packaging solution, you should provide a detailed description of your product as much as possible. In particular, its physical properties, like the particle average piece size (dimensions) and weight.

3.What specifications do you have for the selected bags?

It’s crucial to know the details of your bags so that we can recommend the right packing equipment. Here’s the parameters the VFFS packing machine supplier often ask for:

  • Package dimensions, bag width and bag length.
  • Each package weighs or volumes.
  • Packaging speed you expected.

The expertise and experience we have in the field of manufacturing VFFS machines can help you find the best flexible pouch packing solutions for your product.

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