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Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Premade pouch machines can fill and seal almost anything of solid, granular, powder nature into customized premade bags.
It also brings new innovations in the flexible packaging of loose leaf tea and coffee products.

Premade Pouch Packaging Solutions

premade pouch packing solutions

Premade pouch machine can fill and seal the pre-formed pouches instead of rollstock films. It does not require more effort in creating bags, resulting in convenience and flexibility both for the manufacturer and the end consumer.

It can package solid, powdered, and liquid items into attractive premade bags.

Though premade pouch packaging may be costlier than rollstock packaging on an individual basis, its modern aesthetics are undeniable.

This popular, visually-appealing design ensures that the final product pops on the shelves.

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Our Premade Pouch Packing Machines: Innovation Meets Efficiency

Leverage the prowess of our advanced, user-friendly pouch packing machines to enhance your productivity and finesse your packaging process.

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Looking for a premade pouch filling machine that can help you with your pouch packaging needs? Look no further!

Our premade pouch packaging machine is easy to use and doesn’t require much maintenance. Plus, it’s fully automated so you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and easily.

Benefits of premade pouch filling machine

High efficiency

Pre-made pouches are ideal for short runs. And the premade pouch machines do not need to spend time on forming bags. That way, more packages can be finished within a minute.

Multi-purpose packaging

Wide range of pouc options: 4 sides sealed, gusseted pouch , stand-up, zipper bags, and so on. They are well suited to packing various products, from food to technical items.

Flexible integration

The premade pouch packing host can be easily integrated with different fillers, infeed, and outfeed conveying devices, and more.

Long service life

Using branded components and parts, such as Siemens PLCs, Schneider cylinders, etc., our filling and sealing machines flawlessly manage the entire packaging process.

Pouch filling and sealing machine applications

With its appealing look and convenience, premade pouch packaging is unstoppable in the realm of flexible packaging. Our pouch machines are capable of packing a wide range of products, from food and pet food items to household chemicals. For instance:

  • Solid products, like white tea bricks or Pu’er Tea.
  • Granular products, such as grains, loose-leaf tea, and coffee beans.
  • Powdered items that can either flow freely or not flow freely, like protein powder, milk powder, spices, salt, sugar, etc.
  • Snacks, biscuits, and cookies.
  • Dry Pet food
  • The external packaging for pre-packaged small-dose items such as coffee sticks and tea bags.
  • And more.
coffee bean

Coffee beans



loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea

pressed tea cake

Pressed tea cak

Premade pouch style that we support

Our pre-made pouch packaging equipment supports a variety of pre-made bag packaging solutions. The bags are mainly made of kraft paper, laminated film, foil film, and so on. Windowed pouch, resealable zipper pouch, and sealed pouch are also available as options besides standard ones. 

  • 4 Side Sealed Pouch
    Sealable pouches are the ideal packaging format for products with single portions and low net weight.
  • Stand-Up Pouch
    Gusset allows the pouch to stand independently for display, storage, and use.
  • Gusseted bag
    Gusset makes bags roomier by having extra material on the sides or bottom.
  • Flat bottom bag
    With an outstanding standing-up display, the large size allows them to stand perfectly on the shelf.
  • Quad seal bag
    Sealed in each corner of the pouch. It can keep its shape well on the shelf and hold heavier food products for retail packaging.

Quad seal bag


How does premade pouch packing machine work?

premade pouch machine

Understanding the workflow of premade pouch baggers will help you to become a qualified preformed pouch filling sealing machine expert. 

Step 1: Bag loading and coding

Put the bags in the magazine cells, the bag can move up and down. When the bag falls, use the suction cup to take the bag.  And then, the printer can code the batch number and date on the bag.

Step 2: Bag opening and supporting

Two suction cups which was on the upper and lower parts of the bag would open the bag mouth and bottom. (zipper open is optional.) Now that the pouch is ready for filling.

Step 3: Weighing and Filling

The products like tea leaves are weighed by the multi-head combined weigher. And then they would fall into the feeding hopper.

Step 4:Fill and Consolidate

The 6-10 station turntable rotates to transfer the bag directly below the feeding port. When the valve is opened, the product items will fall into the bag.

Step 5: Heat Sealing

After that, the double-sided constant temperature heat sealing device will seal the bag twice.

Modified atmosphere packaging technology is available to extend the shelf life. Such as vacuum packaging or nitrogen flushing.

Step 6: Forming and output

After the heat seal is over, the bag can be shaped or punched.  Eventually, the finished bag will fall on the conveyor belt and transfer to the next quality inspection or wrapping device.

The Basic Knowledge About Premade Pouch Fill and Seal Machine

Based on our years of customer service experience, here we provide points for attention in the procurement and use of stand-up pouch filling and sealing machines

Reading this guide can help you get a powerful premade pouch machine.

Bother roll stock film and pre-made bags are mature flexible pouch packing solutions. Here’s the difference :

  • Roll stock film: Before arriving at the packaging machine, the film roll is a large roll of flat packaging film wrapped around a hollow core. The material can be PE, aluminum foil, kraft paper, etc. When the packaging machine works, the film is formed into bags. Usually, rollstock film is the most economical bag packaging style.
  • Premade pouches: As the name implies, the bags are pre-made by the film supplier before they arrive at the packaging equipment. The packaging machine simply fills and seals these bags. Compared to roll stock film, pre-made pouches own higher quality finished appearance and cost a bit more.

The modular design concept allows customers to add functional modules as needed. The following optional features are available for our preformed pouch machines:

  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging: including vacuum packaging, nitrogen gas flushing, one-way valve, etc.
  • Seal Cooler: Cools the sealing area of the pouch, ideal for heat-sensitive products.
  • Dust Collector: Eliminate excess dust created during the filling process.
  • Code/Date Printer: Print out the code/lot number/date on the pouch before the bag opening step.
  • Hole Puncher/Die Cutter:  Punch a hole or cut an easy tear in the sachet closure.