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Stick pack packaging machines

Leaving customers worry-free about their stick pack application.

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What is a stick pack ?

The stick pack pouches are flexible packaging that can be carried around easily. They are typically made from laminated materials such as foil and plastic.

As a specific form of VFFS packing machine, You can use this packing method to securely pack light items like dry powders, instant coffee, sugar, etc. Sometimes you can also find stick packs specifically for belongings like liquids and gels.

Benefits of stick packs

  • With a long and narrow shape, the stick pouch is perfect for single-serve applications, sample sizes, or products that need to be stocked at retailers.
  • Stick pouches can be sealed tight to protect the product from leaks and spills.
  • Stick pouches take up less space than traditional packaging options.
  • It is an economical and efficient solution for packing and shipping your product.

At xhteapack, we pride ourselves on our wide range of stick packaging machines. We are sure that you can find one that meets your needs.

Types of stick pack machine for sale

Stick packs can be customized to fit the needs of any business. Whether you’re packaging small batches of product for test markets or large quantities for mass distribution.

Why choose xhteapack's stick pack machines?

As a seasoned stick pack machine manufacturer, we offer a compact solution that will help you sustain success in the long run.

Wide range of applications

Our Stick packing machines are capable of producing single-dose packets. Commonly used for instant coffee, sugar, salt, spices, pharmaceutical powders, liquids, sauces, honey, and more.


We offer a stickpack machine series that can accommodate various production scales, from the entry-level model for small businesses, to the high tech ones for mass manufacturers.

Outstanding equipment performance

Our stick-pack machines are built for quality. With a user-friendly HMI, accurate dosing system, high production speed, and easy maintenance, they make it a bonus for the producer.

Flexible feature options

We offer a number of add-ons, including various bag seal patterns, date coding systems, tear notch, variety of fillers, conveying equipment, and automatic feeding systems. You can pick which best suits your needs!

The basic knowledge of stick packing machine

Stick packs have become a popular way to consume single-portioned products. People can take common household items like salt, spices, drink mixes, and condiments on the go with convenience.

Stick packs are also inexpensive to produce for manufacturers, especially when a high-quality stick pack machine is available.

If you are not familiar with stick packs and stick packing machines, here is what you need to know(learn more about stickpack).

People love sachet and stick products because they’re easy to transport, lightweight, and small. Plus, they save time.

Both of them are ideal for people who have a busy lifestyle and travel a lot. They are small enough to fit in a bag, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Though they may seem identical, there is a refined distinction between sachet and stick.

  • A stick pack is a tube-like container that has a long, thin design. On average, stick packs are 4 times longer than their width, measuring between 40 and 200 mm.
  • Sachets are flatter than stick packs and have a three- or four-sided seal. They can also hold more product than stick bags.


Based on the feedback we’ve gotten from our pouch packing machine customers and based on our own observations, we have noticed that

Stick packs are perfect for tea, coffee, and drink flavors, or just to make a simple, elegant statement.

Sachets are more widely used. It Looks great for packing all you need in a single dose!

The stick pack machine is a specific form of VFFS packing machine that can be used to securely pack products into single-use portion packs, including sticks, liquids, granules, and powdery products.

It means there are different types of filling systems to suit the various product forms.

Volumetric cup filler

This cup filler system is suitable for small granular materials that have a uniform density. Such as sugar, salt, black pepper, granular paprika, and all kind of mixed spices can be filled.

Auger dosing filler

This filling system is good for products that are powdery. The weight of each packet is set by the number of rotations it takes.

It is most suitable for packing instant coffee, coffee cream, powdered pharmaceutical products, etc.

Especially products that are not easy to flow, as these non-free-flowing materials do not move easily and often require an external force to measure or fill them.

Piston pump volumetric filler

This system uses sensitive pumps that fill liquids and sticky things into packages of the right weight.

It is suitable for packing ketchup, mayonnaise, salad sauces, oil, honey, cream sauces, jams, and so on.

Vibrating counter filler

The vibrating counter filler dispenses small pellets at a set number, perfect for those who need precise filling.

It is suitable for packing milk tablets, pills, capsules, hardware, and other uniform granular products.

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