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Drip Coffee Bag

Portable and Compact Packaging Solution for Single Serve Pour Over Coffee.

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Drip Coffee bag | One Cup Filter Coffee Bags

The drip coffee bag is a small filter pouch with folded paper supports that may be put on the cup. It first appeared in Japan in the 1990s. Now it has become a popular style of single-serve pour-over coffee. The japan drip coffee bag brewing effect is comparable to that of a V60 coffee maker.

Usually, a packaged drip coffee filter paper bag is portable and compact. It is filled with high-quality ground coffee. Each sachet is filled with N2 gas, which keeps the taste and aroma of the ground coffee fresh until just before serving.

Many coffee drinkers don’t need any additional equipment to make it at home because of its simple design. Simply peel back the wrapper, place it on a cup, fill it with hot water, and enjoy. By the way, coffee shops can also profit from using drip filter coffee bags to appeal to a specific client base.

Easy to brew

Disposable drip coffee filter with minimal mess.

Good permeability

Water and coffee particles can flow through easily.

Easy to carry

Each drip coffee bag is lightweight and compact.

Covenient and health

Food grade packing matetials, use safely.

Materials of Drip Coffee Bag Filters

Hanging ear drip coffee bags are made of food-grade non-woven fabric/paper/cotton and are compostable. The packing material is also biodegradable, non-toxic, flavorless, and environmentally friendly. It’s great to use with medium grind coffee powder.

For 90*74mm, 4500 pieces per roll are typical. Each carton contains three rolls.

We propose that the inner diameter is less than 100mm. Heat sealing and ultrasonic welding are both feasible for sealing coffee drip bags.

Empty coffee drip bags for manual filling

8-12 grams of ground filter coffee for each bag. The “Open” is placed on top. Heat sealing is commonly used. 

For UFO-style drip bag, It can hold more coffee powder.

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How to Use Coffee Drip Bag?

Drip coffee bags can be used to make a single-serve cup of iced brew, espresso, or traditional brewing. These are similar in appearance and function to drip coffee makers. All you need is 1 minute and 150ml of heated water.

brew drip coffee

Drip bag coffee brew steps

  • Tear off the packet along the perforated open lines.
  • Shake lightly to level ground coffee, spread the handing ears, and place onto the cup.
  • Slowly pour hot water(150-180ml) on the coffee grounds.
  • Remove and discard the used filter, then enjoy it.

Pro Tips: The ground coffee powder in the coffee filter bag slowly diffuses into the surrounding water when it is immersed in a hot water bath. To speed up the extraction procedure, stir or swirl the cup.

Plus, the ideal temperature for hot water is approximately 85-95 degrees Celsius. The higher the water temperature, the more bitter the taste.

Single serve pour over coffee filter samples

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drip coffee filter
new type drip coffee suit

How To Make Drip Coffee Bags For Sale?

Automatic drip coffee bag packing machine

The automatic drip coffee packaging machine is capable of producing large quantities of drip coffee packs.

Want to use our coffee packaging machine to boost your coffee packaging business?

We can…

  1. Make a test production using your coffee item.
  2. Provide coffee bags that are available in small quantities.
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Manual packaging using pre-made drip coffee bags

To manually DIY drip coffee bags, you need to have the following tools and bag packing materials ready.

  • Weighing scale and spoon
  • Heat sealer
  • Empty ready-made drip bags
  • Empty pre-made 3-side sealed sachet

How to seal drip coffee bag?

For manually packing drip coffee bags, you simply spoon the right amount of ground coffee into the empty drip bag and seal it with a heat sealer.

Note that when sealing, the sealing area should be kept flat and clean, and no coffee powder attached. Otherwise, it will affect the sealing effect.

drip coffee bag display

The Basic Knowledge About Drip Coffee Bags

We aspire to provide you with all of the necessary information and assist you in locating a suitable drip coffee bag packaging machine.

Yes, disposable paper coffee filters are entirely compostable. 

In general, the white coffee filter paper is bleached with chlorine, but the content is so low that it will not affect the environment. While the unbleached filter paper is in brown color.

It depends on the amount of ground coffee in the drip bag and how much hot water is brewed into the cup.

Usually, a single-serve drip coffee pouch can hold up to 12 grams of ground coffee, and brewing in about 150-210 ml of hot water is appropriate.

Less water amount, more flavor the taste.

For better brewing, roasted coffee beans need to be ground into small particles to extract as much flavor as possible.

According to the particle size of coffee grinding, it can be divided into the following grades

  • Coarse ground coffee, the coffee particle is like crude salt.
  • Medium ground coffee, Particles are like coarse sand on the beach.
  • Fine, the same size as the particles of salt or sugar
  • Extra fine, smaller than salt or sugar
  • Turkish, just like the flour.

Usually, the drip bag is suitable for packing Medium ground coffee and Fine.

In fact, each drip bag has 5-10 grams of coffee ground and brews only 1 cup. It is not suggested to reuse this product more than once.

The drip coffee bag can hold 10 – 12g of fresh medium ground coffee (about 2 – 3 teaspoons, to fill a quarter to half of the bag). Fill the bag no more than halfway since the coffee grounds may spill out of the bag while pouring in the water.