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Pyramid Tea Bag Material

pyramid tea bag

Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bag Filters

Many tea manufacturers use food-grade tea bag mesh rolls to pack pyramid tea bags for loose leaf tea. It is a high-quality heat-resistant packaging material with high permeability.
When the pyramid tea bag machine was in operation, the tea bag film would be pulled to the bag former, and then filled with the quantified tea leaf. With the ultrasonic sealer, the film would be sealed and cut into flat or pyramid tea bags.

Pyramid Tea Bag Material Features

  • Food-grade materials that can withstand a certain temperature, without any damage to humans.
  • The tea mesh bag has good permeability and transparency. When brewing, it can release the taste of tea without hindrance, and the consumers can even observe the tea leaf.
  • The tea bag mesh film has a certain strength and can maintain tension when pulling.
  • More importantly, the reasonable price meets the demand for mass production of pyramid tea bags.

Various pyramid tea bag packing material

In general, We offer pyramid mesh tea bag mesh rolls with or without string, as well as labels to suit your needs. However, according to the raw materials of tea bag rolls, the empty tea bags also can be divided into 3 types of mesh tea bags: nylon tea bags, non-woven fabric bags, and PLA filter bags.

  • Nylon mesh tea bag material. Tea bag Filters made from nylon mesh are transparent and easy to extract. In most cases, nylon mesh is the most widely used tea bag packing material in the mass production of tea bags, due to its lower cost.
  • Non-Woven Tea bag material. Tea bag filters made from non-Woven Fabric can keep high-quality tea leaves well in the bag, as well as fine materials such as powder. Filters come in a variety of types. Both tea and coffee can be packed in nonwoven tea bags.
  • PLA Tea bag mesh. Due to its corn starch composition, PLA non-woven fabric tea bags are biodegradable. Featuring a variety of thicknesses, the filter is a compostable and sustainable product suitable for packing tea and coffee powder.

In fact, we provide pyramid tea bag mesh roll samples for free. In addition, if you need to customize the private tea bag label, please feel free to contact our tea bag packing experts. 

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