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Elephant trunk style sachet packing host

XH-20WD simple packing machine

This value-priced bag packing machine is perfect for packing triangle bags, pillow pouches, and side seal sachets. It’s simple and easy to use, with a flexible bag former that looks like an elephant trunk!

This sachet packing host can be combined with a variety of fillers to perform different packaging tasks. For example, it can be used with a weighing filler to form a weighing packing machine. In addition, it can be used with pyramid tea bag machines to overwrap individual bags.

By the way, optional equipment such as coding devices, nitrogen filling devices, and linking bag devices can be available according to customers’ needs.

Bag types

Sample bags

triangle bag3 side seal bag4 side seal bag

Packing material

Laminated film packaging material: PET/POLY/Foil/Kraft paper.


Demo video


  • A variety of optional sealing methods, like 3 sides sealing/4 sides sealing/ pillow bag back sealing.
  • It adopts heat sealing technology, which is suitable for all kinds of outer bag materials, such as laminated film, laminated paper film, aluminum foil film.

Technical data




Packaging Method

Heat Sealing and Cutting


35-50 bags/min

Bag Types

pillow bag, side seal sachet

Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Equipments options

  • Date printer. The ribbon coding machine can print the date on the outer bag packaging.
  • Nitrogen filling device.

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