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PLA tea bags

PLA mesh for tea bags pyramid tea bag

What is PLA mesh?

PLA mesh or polylactic acid mesh is a type of material typically used for auto-packing pyramid tea bags.

This soilon material is made from corn starch, which makes it biodegradable and sustainable.

Its strong tensile strength and texture, allow it to hold the loose tea leaves securely without allowing them to escape.

Components of PLA mesh roll

Filter: 100% plant-based materials, not petroleum-based products like Nylon or PET.

Tag: Uncoated paper + Mesh fabric, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, and safe.

Thread:  100% PLA thread.

PLA mesh Features

When it comes to auto-packing pyramid tea bags, PLA mesh offers many benefits

  • Extremely lightweight. it is an ideal material for compact and convenient packaging like tea bags.
  • Highly flexible. The PLA mesh is easy to shape and size for each individual tea bag.
  • Sealing method. Both heat sealing and ultrasonic sealing are available.

  • Better permeability. The hot water flows better than tea bag paper.
  • Safe to drink. PLA tea bags do not have any harmful chemicals that can leach into your tea. This is unlike other types of plastic materials, like nylon tea bags.


As people become more environmentally conscious, these biodegradable soilon materials are in high demand for use in the tea industry.

Our pyramid tea bag machines can efficiently pack biodegradable tea bags using roll stock PLA mesh film.

It is an ideal choice for tea shops or tea bag co-packers.

Tea bag styles

Wholesale pla mesh tea bags

PLA mesh tea bag specifiction

PLA mesh for auto-packing is available in a wide range of sizes and options. Select the tea bag material roll that best fits your needs.

String length
PLA tea bag mesh
PLA tea bag mesh with lable
20*20mm, single side print

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