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Coffee Bag Material

Single-serve coffee packing solution for those who want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home, without the hassle of grinding beans or measuring portions

Coffee bags for packaging automation

packing type

Selecting the right coffee pouch packaging type can help your customers receive high-quality products.

Featuring lightweight, durable, shelf-life-protecting flexible pouch packaging solutions, we can show off your best assets. Whether it’s whole beans, ground coffee, coffee powder, or even custom espresso blends.

Coffee pouches can be found in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and materials. Choosing one will depend on your specific needs. Listed below are a few options for coffee pouches.

  • Gusseted bags can help your coffee products stand out on crowded shelves with shelf-stable and artwork-forward designs.
  • The versatility of our stand-up pouches provides you with an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for packaging coffee, such as zipper, windowed, and other options.
  • With the flat-bottom bags, you’ll get maximum shelf stability, a classy appearance, and unmatched functionality to hold your coffee beans.
  • Samples and single servings of coffee are easily transported in flat pouches. It is ideal for individual coffee packet use in hotels, gifts, or special events
  • Drip coffee bags are small folded paper pouches that can hold a standard weight of ground coffee. It can be unfolded and suspended over cups. The benefit of drip coffee bags is their ease of use.

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Single serve coffee bag material

Roll stock films are available for drip coffee filter bags which are made of nylon, PLA, or nonwoven fabric. Also, we provide plain, empty drip bags that unfold into pouches for manually packaging ground coffee.

Further, we provide an up version of the drip coffee filter like an upside-down bowler hat. Bringing a better experience for drip coffee

Drip coffee bag roll

Drip coffee bag roll

The high-quality Japanese drip coffee filter bag rolls are made of non-woven fabric or nylon. 

With its good permeability, It is suitable for packing single-serve ground coffee filter bags.

Individual drip coffee filter bag suits

Individual drip coffee filter bag suits

Custom Drip coffee bags bring good brewing effects and benefits to your label coffee business.

This selection provides a good profit margin for your cafe shop.