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Triangle tea bag packing machine with overwrapping

Model: XH-SJB-W is a Triangle Tea Bag with Gas-filled Overwrap Packaging Machine.  It can create and fill pyramid tea bags and then fits them into a 3-side seal flat foil pouch. The tea packaging line is applicable for the dual bag packaging of small particle materials, like flower tea, coffee, health tea, herbal tea, scented tea, fruit tea, mixed tea, and other small granular products.

Usually, the triangle tea bag packing machine uses nylon/non-woven/PLA film rolls as packaging materials. With the application of ultrasonic sealing technology, the tea bag is compact and beautiful. Moreover, it can reduce the excess sealing edge width without wasting.

Bag types

Our Pyramid bag packing machine is suitable for Quantitative packaging of various raw teas such as green tea, black tea, scented tea, health tea, herbal tea, etc.

Square & Pyramid tea bag sample

Pyramid tea bag with an envelope

Demo video


  • High packaging speed. 1500-2400 bags per hour can be produced.
  • Molding the tea bag at one time. Reduce direct contact between tea material and workers’ hands, the tea bag will not be contaminated.
  • Modular design idea. The triangle tea bag and overwrap packing machine are easy to assemble and maintain. Either of them can work together or independently.
  • Adopting a color touch screen and Omron PLC control, The parameter setting is simple
  • Components of well-known international brands, like SMC and  Schneider Electric parts can ensure a long service life for the triangle tea bag packing machine.
  • Adopts ultrasonic sealing method for pyramid tea bag,  the incision is smooth and neat.
  • Heat sealing for outer bag: roller spend process is specially designed and the effect of sealing is very well.

Technical data

Additional information



Packaging Method

Ultrasonic sealing for inner bag, heat sealing for outer bag

Measurment Method

Intelligent electronic Weigher, Auger Filler

Weighing Range

≤15 g±0.5g

Packaging Materials

Non-Woven Fabric, Nylon, PLA Corn fiber

Packing Roll Width

140, 160, 180(mm)

Envelope size

W:80-100mm, L: 90-120mm


Max. 50bags/min.

Machine Size

1600*2871*2300mm, 1700*3036*2210mm

Machine Weight

700KG, 730KG

Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Air Supply

0.6MPa (Provided by the customer )

Equipments options

  • Outer bag sealing method, 3 sides sealing or 4 sides sealing.
  • Linear weigher or multi-heads weigher.
  • Inner tea bag conveyor, to deliver the pyramid tea filter bag to the outer tea pouch packing machine.
  • Date Printer, to print the expiry date or batch number on the outer tea bags.
  • Nitrogen flushing device.  The modified atmosphere packaging(MAP) technology keeps the taste and aroma fresh right before drinking.

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