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Get access to several automated and efficient tea bag packing machines from xhteapack. Our tea packing machine can serve well for multi tea packaging purposes.

Various Tea Bag Packaging Solutions

tea bag packing solution

Our tea bag filling and sealing equipment use the rolling stock film to make various tea bags, such as Lipton tea bags, paper filter bags, pyramid tea bags, nylon filter bags, vacuum tea bags, etc. The package can be only a filtered tea sachet with or without tagged strings. And the bag in bag package is also available, for a filter sachet in a 3 side seal plastic pouch. 

With a suitable tea pouch packing solution, your tea bag-making company can greatly improve its teabags’ quality and productivity.

As one of the tea packing machine manufacturers in China,  We are dedicated to supplying various types of tea packaging equipment. These machines will simplify the process of bagging dried tea leaves  In your case. Moreover, our tea bag packing machine family can effectively produce a high volume of individual serving bags per minute.

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of the tea bag machines.  So we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. Including the industries for tea bag machines,  key features of the tea bag machine, and how does the tea bag machine work? etc. 

To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

Our Tea Bag Packing Machines

As a tea packaging factory, you need to target the important niche of the tea packaging business. An automatic tea bag packing machine is the key to helping you get more market share.

Having established itself as a leading tea packing machine manufacturer in China, we have been providing tea bag machines for loose leaf tea and fermented tea. Besides, we own a number of technology patents for manufacturing tea bag machines.  You can choose a cost-effective herbal tea packing machine that fits your production scale and factory layout.

Pyramid tea bag packing machine

The triangle tea bag packing machine utilizes nylon, nonwoven fabrics, and PLA mesh roll as packaging materials.  And it uses the ultrasonic welding sealer to cut and seal the pyramid tea sachets. so that the pyramid tea bag machine can reduce packaging waste by eliminating the excess sealing edge width. 

As a result, the pyramid teabags are compact and hygienic. Compared with regular teabags, these tetrahedron shape tea bags are more beautiful and the tea leaves are stretched more fully.

Pyramid tea sachet machine with envelope

The inner and outer pyramid tea bag packing machine is capable of making the triangle tea bag and outer envelope at the same time. It combines a bucket elevator and side seal pouch packing machine on the base of the pyramid tea bag machine. Approximately 40 dual tea bags can be packed per minute automatically.

Packaging materials include mesh film roll for the inner bag, with or without string and label, as well as foil or laminated paper for the outer envelope.

gusset tea bag packing machine

Vacuum tea bag packing machine

The automatic tea leaf vacuum packing machine is capable of packing tea leaves into small gusset bags and squeezing out the air to make vacuum tea bags. So that the tea leaves can remain fresh for a long time.

The varieties of tea that can be packaged cover rock tea, white tea, black tea, Pu’er tea, Tieguanyin, green tea, flower tea, and other types of tea that exist in the shape of short strips, granules, needles, slices, and blocks.

This is an easy-to-operate small gusset bag vacuum tea packaging machine.  The packaging machine can also support micro-shaping the finished tea bags with a customized appearance.

Bag-in- bag Tea bag filling and sealing machine

The automatic tea bag packing machine is suitable for packing grain-like materials, such as tea dust, black tea, fragmented tea, herbal teas, and health teas, into dual-bagged bags.

The teabag machine can make filter tea bags as well as attach tags and cotton threads. Rather than using glue, heat sealing technology is used to weld the label, thread, and filter bag together. Following that, the inner filter tea bag will automatically be placed into the 3 side sealing envelope package. 

Single chamber tea bag making machine

The single paper filter bag packing machines help pack Lipton dip tea bags with string and tag or without.  It does not make outer envelopes but only produces the square teabag out of the filter paper rolls. 

This tea bag packaging machine works well for all kinds of loose leaf tea. Black tea is one example, as well as green tea,  flower tea, and herbal tea. Additionally, all the machines are made of stainless steel that meets GMP standards. Meanwhile, the lite tea sachet packing machine can be integrated with the volumetric filler or electronic weighers.

compressed tea packing machine

Horizontal tea brick packing machine

The premade pouch tea brick packaging machine utilizes pre-made side-sealed pouches instead of the roll-stock films as the packaging material, resulting in higher packaging efficiency. 

It is suitable for packing compressed form tea products in the shape of square cubes or round bricks, such as pu-erh tea and white tea.

We can customize the discharging tray to fit the shape and size of the compressed tea brick. In this way, the rotary vibrating tray can dispense the tea bricks in an orderly manner.

Moreover, the horizontal premade pouch packaging host can automatically complete the packaging process of giving bag, bag opening, filling, exhausting, and sealing.

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For the small OEM Tea bag producers, they can not get more local market share without powerful tea packaging equipment. Especially in some tea origins, such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa, and so on. However, most of them do not have a sufficient budget and ideal production site.

To this end, we have manufactured cost-effective small-scale tea bag machines to replace the manual tea bag filling machines.

Tea Bag Machines' Features


High productivity

Our tea packaging machines can easily handle large-scale tea bag packaging orders. In general, approximately 3000-4000 tea bags can be packed per hour. You can grow your packaging business with these machines and reduce your labor costs.


Automation facilitates the reduction of human labor in the tea packaging process.  Also, the quality control of finished tea packets is easier with the standardization of tea packaging machines. Furthermore, fewer industrial accidents occur as diminished human labor is required in the factory.

Easy operation

All of our tea bagger equipments come with a colorful touch screen HMI and PLC.  The average operator can use it with ease in a packaging environment.

Simple maintenance

The modular design and reliable parts of our equipment make maintenance simple. Only certain components may need to be exchanged in order to fix the entire unit.

Industries and Applications

We have designed and manufactured a full range of tea packaging equipment family. We can solve your tea packaging problems for most varieties of tea. From powdered matcha, broken CTC black tea, fragmented tea, tightly pressed tea, fruit tea, flower tea, whole leaf tea, etc, we got you covered.

tea dust

Tea Dust

fragmented tea

Fragmented Tea

oolong tea

Oolong tea

loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea

herbal tea

Herbal tea

fruit tea

Fruit Tea

pressed tea cake

Pressed tea brick

What tea packaging style would you like?

We offer a wide range of packing pouches options to suit your business needs. Below the bag styles, it is clear that every pouch option has its own niche. So we invite you to get inspired by browsing our tailored pouch solutions. With our tea packaging machinery,  you can fill and seal teabags in various styles:

  • Filtered tea bag with a string and tag.
  • Teabag enclosed in a three-sided seal plastic pouch.
  • Tea brick packet into premade side seal pouch.
  • Pyramid sachet with or without thread and tag.
  • Loose leaf tea in a vacuum gusset bag.

Triangle Pouch

Square tea bag

3 Side Seal Pouch

4 Side Seal Pouch

pillow bag

Pillow Bag

Gusst Bag

Stand Up Pouch

Optional Functions

quality inspection.jpg
  • Various filling systems for granular or powdered materials, such as vibratory weigh fillers, volumetric cup filler, multi-head weighers, etc.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging(MAP) Options: nitrogen gas flushing, vacuum packaging.
  • Outer envelope packager.
  • Date printer.
  • Checkweighers.
  • Materials infeed conveyors.
  • Tear notch device.

The Basic Knowledge About Tea Bag Machine

Let’s dive in to explore further the tea bags packaging. It will help you solve your doubts about purchasing or operating the tea packaging equipment.

Reading this guide can help you get a powerful tea packaging machine.

Step 1: Purchase of key parts

Our purchasing department always keeps a lot of relevant spare parts,such as ultrasonic generators, Spiral electronic scales, Rotating tool holders, heat sealing parts, etc.

For electrical components, we are more focused on purchasing from industry-leading branded suppliers, like AIRTECH solenoid valve, Schneider servo motor, OMRON PLC and sensor, etc.

Step 2: Accessory manufacturing

Our mechanic would complete the sheet metal work of standard parts, such as cutting, welding, and polishing of the stainless steel Machine body.
For those non-standard accessories, such as customized bag former and volumetric cups. They tend to require a high degree of accuracy and smoothness. So we will assign the most senior mechanic to complete the task.

Step 3: Machine assembly and programing

According to the design drawings, the assemblers will successively install electrical components, transmission structures, and other ancillary components into the machine body. 

After the installation, the software engineer will write and input the specific tea packaging programs for the customized tea bag packaging machine.

Step 4: Commissioning operation

After the tea bag machine is assembled, we would arrange the trial packaging test according to the client’s demand.  

In addition to this, the long-time running test and safe operation test will also be carried out. We will keep debugging until we meet the customer’s requirements.

Automatically, the triangular tea bagging equipment can perform functions such as feeding, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting off counting, as well as transportation of the finished product.

The touch screen allows you to easily switch between a rectangular and pyramid bag.

Ultrasonic welding is the conversion of electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibration, which is further expanded into ultrasonic vibration waves via a booster. The strong vibration energy can disperse the molecules of the nylon roll film from the sealing area, thus achieving a reliable sealing and cutting effect of the tea bags.

Ultrasonic welding is a technology that joints two film roll parts together to form a strong and tight bag. 

Combined Vibrator Scales Filler, each electronic scale has a precise load cell to ensure accurate measurement every time and keep you away from unnecessary material waste. 

And by rotating the material tray and vibrating to release the loose leaf tea, the filling leaf tea won’t break twice. The tea leaves are evenly distributed to ensure the integrity of the materials as much as possible

Modified atmosphere packaging(MAP) refers to changing the atmosphere surrounding food products inside a pack for food preservation. 

Our small-scale tea bag machines can realize the Lipton tea bag making, filling, and sealing. Tag and cotton thread attaching are optional functions. All this depends on the close cooperation of the major components.

Stainless steel hopper

It holds the loose leaf tea that will be fed into the volumetric cup. And there is a transparent viewing area on the hopper. The operator can observe the inside situation and judge whether to add products or not.

Measuring cup

To be exact, it is a rotatable tray that is integrated with several volume measuring cups. It can realize the precise quantitative filling of loose leaf tea by rotating the tray.

Label and thread making device

Advanced photoelectric would assist the cutting blade to make labels and lines in the required size.

Inner bag making device

After the inner tea bag is filled, It will automatically seal and cut the filter bag. Meanwhile, the continuous sealer would complete the stitching of the thread and label with the inner bag.


Automatic pick the already made inner tea bag into the outer bag former.

Envelope making device

Independent horizontal and vertical sealing devices make the outer envelope into a three-sided sealed pouch, which is made of Kraft paper or aluminum foil film.

Control panel

Integrated PLC control system and various temperature control switches. The operator only needs to set the parameters of tea packaging progress. The tea bag sealing machine can automatically work for you.

Finished product conveyor

The conveyor belt can transport a preset number of tea bags to the workers at intervals. it is convenient for the workers to pack the tea sachet into boxes.

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