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Sachet Packaging Machines-What Are They, And How Do They Work?

Make use of our dependable sachet filler machines to pack stick pouches and sachets in large quantities.

What Is a Sachet Packaging Machine?

The sachet packaging machine is used to package things in sachet packets that are sealed on 3 sides or 4 sides. These sachet pouches can be single-use or in chain types.

The roll stock-style sachet packing machine is typically quite simple in design. It consists of two main parts:

  • The filling machine: It fills the bags with the desired product.
  • The sealing machine: It seals the finished sachet shut.

By the way, some sachet packaging machines have extra features, such as date coding and easy tearing.

You can use the sachet packaging machine to package an array of items like ketchup, coffee grounds, salt, sugar, and more.

powder sachet packaging machine

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Benefits of Our Sachet Filler Machines

Boost Your Production Efficiency

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Simple Operation and Maintenance

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Maximize profits with our competitively priced, long-lasting sachet filling and sealing machines, boasting advanced tech and energy-efficient operation.

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The Basic Knowledge of Sachet Packaging Machine

We have prepared the following content to help you understand sachet packaging. This will help you choose a sachet packaging equipment that is right for your business.

A sachet bag is a small, concise packaging used to contain various types of contents, such as food products, cosmetics, and other items.

This container can hold single-dose powders or liquids for the purpose of sampling or traveling.

4 side seal bag3 side seal bagstick pouch1

What material is used for sachets?

Sachet bags are designed to be easy to use and convenient to carry.

The sachet materials are typically made from lightweight materials like laminated palstic film, paper film, or aluminum foil film.

Sachet packaging is a type of flexible packaging made up of small, multiple packets.

It is typically used to sell individual servings of food or other consumable products in smaller quantities.

Advantages of sachet packaging

  • Convenience. These small packets are easy to transport and use.
  • Lightweight and portable. sachet trend to be used quickly after purchase, like cosmetics.
  • Personalized. Sachet packs can be customized with graphics or text.
  • The machine works by filling and bagging your chosen product, whether it’s powder, granules, or liquid. 
  • The items would be precisely measuring out the right amount for each sachet.
  • Once the product is measured out, the sachet filler machine then fills the sachet with the product and seals it up tight. It’s like the machine is giving each sachet a little hug to keep everything inside.
  • The whole process is automated, so you don’t have to worry about doing it by hand. The sachet filling machine can do this at lightning speed, producing hundreds or even thousands of sachets per hour.