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Tea Packaging Material

Our tea bag packaging solutions also include providing you with reasonably priced packing material.

What tea bag material do you want?

packing type

Teabags are typically made from filter paper, nylon mesh, nonwoven fabrics, PLA, or other silken plastics.

Their closure is typically achieved by staples or glue, or by just tying them with string. You can pack tea leaves into different types of tea bags. 

  • Most 3-D or pyramidal tea bags come with a string for easy dipping. While a tea label tag attached to one end. This wrapping sachet can be used for packing superior-quality loose-leaf tea.
  • Teabags were also available in round and rectangular shapes. They were used for packing CTC black tea, tea dust, and other common fragmented tea granules. Tea bags like these can float in water and are easy to remove after steeping.

Selecting the right tea bag fabric can help your customers receive high-quality products. Feel free to contact us.

Ask Tea Packing Materials Price

Tea bag material

Tea bag films for pyramid and square tea bags are available in different sizes and can be used for tea bag packing machines.  Depending on your facts,  the string and tag can be attached to the tea bag or not.

Pyramid tea bag roll

Pyramid tea bag roll

The ultrasonic sealable nylon or PLA mesh packing material is used on the herbal tea packing machine.

It can fill and seal with loose-leaf tea into triangle shape or rectangular shape tea bags.

Tea bag paper roll

Tea bag paper roll

Filter paper rolls can be used in pouch packing equipment.

It can make Lipton dip tea bags, round tea bags, single- or double-chamber tea bags, coffee filter packs, pouches, bags, and pods.

Tea bag tags

Tea bag tags

The tea bag tags are suitable for various kinds of tea bag machines, such as XH-68, Fuso or Constanta, etc. The custom tea bag tags offer up to 12 colors, with single or double side prints, and notch options are also available.

The Guide to Tea Bag Materials.

Our goal is to equip you with all of the information that you need to make the best decision for your tea packaging company.

What size is a standard tea bag?

A tea bag usually holds about 2 to 4 grams of tea or herbal formula. However, tea bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Triangular tea bags are 50-80 mm on each edge, while rectangular tea bags are 40-80 mm wide and 50-80 mm long. Ultimately, the size of the tea bag will depend on the brand and the type of tea being brewed.

How much tea is in a standard tea bag?

Most commercial tea bags will generally contain between 1.5 and 3 grams of loose-leaf tea. This weight tea bag is the perfect amount to infuse into 6 – 8 ounces of water or one cup. It’s important to note that 4.2 grams only equals one teaspoon, which shows that even a small tea bag can pack a lot of flavors.

There are different types of tea bags available on the market. The most common are mass-produced, rectangular tea bags that contain either fannings or tea dust. These are the smaller, crushed leaves from the “bottom of the barrel.” These require less tea than whole leaves because they will steep quickly and still produce dark liquor.

Higher grades of tea bags have whole leaf teas in them. These types of tea bags usually have a pyramid or flat shape and they contain a lot of loose leaf tea. They might have up to 6 grams of tea per bag, which is double or triple the amount in a regular square tea bag.

What is PLA fabric?

PLA, also called corn fiber, is polylactic acid fiber, which is a synthetic fiber made from corn, wheat, and other starches, fermented into lactic acid and spun.

What is modified atmosphere packaging technology?

Modified atmosphere packaging(MAP) refers to changing the atmosphere surrounding food products inside a pack for food preservation.