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Custom Bags to Fit Your Packaging Requirements

With their lightweight and flexible design, these flexible pouches can be easily stored, transported, and used by consumers.

Bag types that flexible packing machine support

Flexible pouches are a versatile and popular packaging option for businesses looking to package their products in a convenient and efficient manner. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Pillow bag

The top and bottom of the pillow bag are heat-sealed. with a vertical center seal that extends from the top to the bottom seal.

Stick pouch

At a narrow width and long length, Stick pouches fit snugly in your pocket or purse to hold single servings without taking up too much space.

3 side seal pouch

These air-tight 3-side seal pouches will keep food fresh with excellent oxygen and light barrier. it is used for tiny portion servings.

4 side seal pouch

The 4-side seal pouch can keep a little number of items in a tiny form, as long as the capacity is less than 3 side seal pouch.

Triangle bag

The compact size and eye-catching design make triangle bags ideal for single-serve packaging needs, such as tea or drip coffee pouches.

Stand-up pouch

Doypack bags are made with rigid materials and own a scientific structure. So they can stand on their own and protect the contents inside.

Gusseted bag

The gusset bag is designed to be able to hold more items due to the extra space in the foldable structure.

Flat bottom bag

This pouch has a flat bottom, so it stands up well and gets noticed easily. It can hold large quantities of items securely and conveniently.

Find the efficient and cost-effective packaging solution

Choose the flexible pouch style that works best for your business and enjoy the convenience and versatility it offers.

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The FAQs about flexible pouch packaging

The flexible pouch packaging can provide an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution that meets your product’s needs and stands out on the shelves. Find out more about it here.

Flexible pouches can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum foil, paper, and biodegradable films.

The choice of material will depend on the specific needs of the product, such as the level of protection required, the barrier properties needed, and the sustainability goals of the company.

Flexible pouches offer many advantages, including being lightweight, easy to store, and having a low carbon footprint.

They also provide excellent protection against moisture, light, and oxygen, which helps to increase the shelf life of the product.