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Pyramid Tea Bags

The triangle pyramid-shaped tea bag offers the optimum flavor and convenience. Perfect for packing premium loose-leaf tea, herbal tea, and blends.

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Triangle-shaped tea bags

The pyramid tea bag is also known as the triangle-shaped tea bag. It is a sealed tea packaging bag made from a porous, heat-resistant tea bag mesh.  It looks like an attention-grabbing little pyramid shape. Compared with traditional tea bags, the tetrahedron-shaped construction ensures reliable and stable storage.

The pyramid mesh tea bag contains the right amount of loose-leaf tea that can be dipped into boiling water. When brewing, the tea leaves could remain relatively intact in the tea bag, rather than being crushed. The aesthetic appearance and good brewing experience make triangle tea bags popular among tea lovers.

pyramid tea bags are easy to carry and brew, which makes them easier for retailers to transport and sell. This is especially true for single-serve tea products, such as green tea, scented tea, loose-leaf tea, tea blends, herbal tea, etc.

Popular In Market

A small and beautiful appearance attracts more attention.

Easy To Brew

Independent small bag packet, portable, and easy to brew.

Outstanding Display

The tea bag is transparent and visible on four sides.

What are pyramid tea bags made of?

Tea Bag Material

Nylon, PLA corn fabric, non-woven fabric film, with (95-110um) thickness. The tea bag mesh can be heat-sealed and ultrasonic-sealed. Porous mesh film with a visible appearance, you can observe the tea leaves inside the pyramid tea bag.

Optional Design

Naked Triangular teabag. Triangular teabag with string & tag. Triangular teabag with string & tag (with envelope).

Nylon mesh roll for tea bag

Pyramid tea bag material roll for auto packing

The tea bag fabric includes PLA, nylon, and non-woven fabrics.

At our company, we have pyramid tea bag mesh rolls that come with or without string. Plus, if you need them, we also offer labels.

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Pyramid tea bags samples gallery

Would you like to enhance the efficiency of packing triangular shape tea bags? With our pyramid tea bag machines, you’ll be able to accomplish that.

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The Basic Knowledge About Pyramid Tea Bags

Yet many of us are still unaware of the features of pyramid tea bags. 

Here, we have answered some questions consumers are concerned about the pyramid tea sahcets. To help you better run the tea bag packaging business.

Tea bag producers often use roll stock films made of nylon, non-woven fabric, and PLA to mass-produce pyramid tea bags.

Nylon. Nylon is made of polyamide, which is a synthetic polymer–a plastic material. It’s heat resistant, so it’s often used in food packaging. The FDA has stated that polyamide is safe for use in contact with food. However, Nylon isn’t biodegradable.

Non-woven. The non-woven mesh is made from polypropylene, which is a less polluting material when discarded and decomposes faster.

PLA. It is a kind of corn-based plastic, which means it is a completely degradable synthetic fiber derived from plants.

They are all very stable and can stay in hot water for a long time without releasing harmful chemicals into the water.

Moreover, it is also associated with how tea bags are produced. Sealing them ultrasonically has become mainstream and doesn’t require sealant anymore.

Note that tea bags generally have a shorter shelf life of less than one year. After this point, the color or flavor of the tea may be affected.

Regular rectangular tea bags appeared earlier and have been known for a long time, like the Lipton tea bags.

Pyramid tea bags first appeared in Japan and have been gradually accepted in recent years. Both of them are disposable single-serve tea bags. The ease of carrying and use is their main benefit.

But, what tea bag shape is best?  Obviously, The pyramid tea bags have more advantages.

  1. Qualityof tea. Traditional tea bag is a flat bag with smaller capacity, suitable for containing broken tea and tea dust.  It produces a lower brewed tea taste like dusty. Pyramid bags, on the other hand, have a larger internal space and are suitable for packing high quality whole leaf tea. This give you a more pure brewed tea broth.
  2. More tea flavors.Pyramid bags are suitable for packing variousloose leaf tea, such as fruit tea, flower tea, and blending tea, etc. Bringing more tea flavors to consumers.
  3. Better brewing effect. The larger internal space allowstea leaves movingfreely in pyramid bag. And the porous mesh structure also allows the hot water to flow on its own. As a result, the flavor of the tea leaves can be fully released into the cup. It is no different from brewing loose leaf tea with a tea set. Whereas regular dip tea bags have limited space. Tea leaves are not always released quickly when brewed.  This increases the wait time for tea drinkers.
  4. Goodlooking. Pyramid tea bag with compact and beautiful appearance. After packing, you can observe the tea leaves inside thepyramid tea bag. It is great for personal use, and even better as gifts.

Compared to traditional regular tea bags, the pyramid tea bags offer more internal space and can hold more tea leaves. In general, a single triangle tea bag can be filled with 1 tablespoon of tea, which is about 2-3 grams in weight.
Considering the fluffiness of different tea leaves and the size of the tea leaf particles, we provide the following reference data:
Broken tea: 3.5-4 grams.
Whole leaf tea: 2 grams.
Fruit Tea: 3 grams.
Black tea/green tea: 2.5-3 grams.