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XH-68 Tea Bag Packing Machine

XH-68 tea bag packaging machine

Model XH-68 small tea packaging machine is a fully automatic tea bag filling and sealing machine with mature technology. The major components are a rectangular filter tea bag-making machine and an outer envelope packing machine. The inner dip tea bag can be packed with or without thread and labeling.

With the highly accurate volumetric cup filler in rotary style, the XH-68 small tea bag packing machine is capable of packaging loose-leaf tea, herbal tea, and CTC black tea. The inner tea bags as well as the outer plastic pouch are heat-sealed. The seal is perfectly smooth and tight, and it looks good.

As a reliable and limited-maintenance automatic tea bag packaging machine, XH-68 is an ideal choice for a small business. It’s a workhorse that comes at an affordable price.

Bag types

Sample tea bags

square-teabag picturetea bag threaddip tea bag.png

Tea bag material

Inner bag:

Heat sealing filter paper, cotton thread, tag paper

Outer Envelope:

Heat sealable laminated materials, like Plastic /Aluminium foil film / laminated paper film/ P.E

Demo video


  • Strong and durable. The dip tea packaging equipment body and key parts are made of thickened stainless steel plates and are easy to clean.
  • The volumetric cup is suitable for small particle materials, the measurement is accurate, and can be fine-tuned.
  • Tag running: Advanced photoelectronic and cutting systems can cut the tags according to the marks.
  • Easy to operate and maintain. To manage the whole tea bag packaging procedure, we built a PLC/ touchscreen operation panel. And the user interface is easy to use.
  • Automatic detect empty bag and reject filling function.
  • Excellent heat balance makes all kinds of packaging materials possible with good performance, low noise, clear-cutting patterns, and strong scalability.
  • Safe plastic case. Avoid the operator from touching the rotating blade accidentally.
dip tea bag packing machine design drawing

Technical data




Packaging Method

Heat Sealing and Cutting

Measurment Method

Volumetric cup filler

Packaging Materials

Tea filter paper,Laminated Film and any suitable materials for heat sealing, Thread, Tag paper.

Weighing Range


Tea Bag Size

L: 50-80mm W: 50-80mm (made by requirement)

Tea bag string length


Tag size

L:20-24mm W:40-55mm

Envelope size

Width:70-90mm, Length:80-120mm.


35-50 bags/min

Machine Size


Machine Weight


Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Air Supply

0.6MPa (Provided by the customer )

Equipments options

  • Nitrogen flushing device.  The modified atmosphere packaging(MAP) technology keeps the taste and aroma fresh right before drinking.
  • Finished product conveyor, to deliver finished tea bag.
  • Date printer. Used to print production date and batch number.

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