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Gusset pouch packing machine

Take Your Packaging to the Next Level with a Gusset Bag Packing Machine.

Gusset Pouch Packing Solutions

From storage to display, Gusset pouch packaging provides extra safety and space for products of all shapes and sizes.

Featuring a range of materials, styles, and definitions – these flexible pouches help secure items throughout their journey from delivery to the retail application.

The gusset pouch is an effective way to package your merchandising needs while still ensuring the safekeeping of your product.

standard gusset bag

Automatic Gusset Pouch Packing Machines

The gusset bag packaging machines will be your dependable, long-term ally. With its versatility and fast packing speed, you will be equipped to effortlessly adapt to the continuous changes of the market.

Pack the gusset bags in an automatic manner

Take a look at how our gusset pouch packaging machine can pack a certain amount of product in a bag with high speed and stability.

Features of gusset bag packing machine

  • 304 robust, stainless steel frame
  • Siemens PLC control with touchscreen operation
  • Date Coding
  • Multi-Language HMI
  • Automatic count & stop
  • Photoelectric eye
  • Servo-driven motor for the film transportation
  • Stirrer in the hopper.
  • Simple change over
  • Nitrogen gas flushing

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Gusset pouches work well for dry goods that require extra protection, such as candy, nuts, grains, coffee beans, herbs and teas, pet products, household items, etc.

The gusset pouch can be customized with a variety of additional features, including the below add-ons:

  • Hang holes or Euroslot
  • Die-cut handles
  • Carry Handle
  • Tear notches.
  • Window cut out for content visibility
  • Recloseable zipper
  • De-Gassing Valve

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