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Purchase guide before requesting a tea/coffee packing machine quotation

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Want to purchase a tea packaging machine with excellent performance? Great, let’s talk. First, take some time to define the configuration parameters in your case.

As Packaging equipment manufacturers, we need to fully understand the actual packaging details. So that we can provide optimal equipment configuration suggestions and reasonable pricing. The packaging machine is not ready-made equipment on the shelf. Each machine is tailored to the actual needs of customers.

We have prepared some foreseeable questions and tips to help you start.

Which packaging consumables do you use for the packaging of your tea/coffee products?

In the current mainstream tea packaging machine, Roll films and Premade bags are mainly used as packaging consumables.

Roll films are made of flat plastic film/filter paper / PLA fiber material that is wrapped around a hollow central axis. When the packaging machine is working, the roller pulls the film into the bag former. After the equipment completes the filling and sealing action, the roll films are made into small single server tea bags. It is an economical choice for packing machines running a high speed.

Premade bags. As the name implies, the bag supplier already prefabricates the bags before arriving at your facility. They had already been formed into a bag shape. the packaging machine only completes the filling and sealing action. Usually, the packaging with prefabricated bags costs you much more.

Which bag type do you choose to pack your tea/coffee products?

Different teabag styles need different tea packaging machines to complete.

bag style

1. Rectangular tea bag

Traditional style, made of filtered paper. It is suitable for packing tea powder, fragments tea.

2. Pyramidal shape tea bag

A popular style of tea bag, made of nylon / PLA/ non-woven fabric. It is suitable for packing whole-leaf tea, herbal tea.

3. Drip bag(hanging ear bag)

Simple drip filter bag packaging that can be unfolded and hung in a cup. It is made of non-woven / nylon material, suitable for packaging medium-sized ground coffee powder, tea leaf.

4. Pillow bag

A widely-used and economical packaging format. Seals are found at the top, bottom, and vertical down back of bags. It bulges slightly in the middle of the bag and looks like a pillow. It is suitable for packing medium-sized tea or coffee powder.

5. Stick pouch

It is a smaller version of the pillow bag with a longer shape. It is usually used to pack instant coffee or other solid drinks for one person.

6. 3 sides/4 sides seal sachet

It is a kind of flat bag with three sides sealing / four sides sealing. In general, there is a relatively large internal space for 3 sides sealing sachet. Both of them can be used as the outer wrapping of tea bags.

7. Gusseted bag

It is similar to pillow bags but has side gussets. The larger internal space makes it suitable for packing more coffee and tea products.

8. Flat bottom stand bag

A rectangular bottom makes it can stand by itself. It has two side gussets and a vertical back seal. People often use it to pack coffee.

(Attention: Bag types numbered 1-6 are made of roll film, The rest of the bag types numbered 7-8 are made of the prefabricated bag.)

The packaging speed that you expect

The packing speed refers to the number of finished bags made by the tea packaging machine within a certain period of time.

For instance, our teabag packing machine can produce about 50 bags per minute(50bpm).

How fast can the packing machine achieve? It depends on many factors

  • The properties of the product and the weight/volume of each bag.
  • Bag type you needed.
  • The skills of an operator.
  • Your plant environment.
  • Your budget.

For instance, the packaging speed of the tea packaging machine with roll film can reach 60 bpm. Meanwhile, the premade-bag packing machine can reach 50 bpm even for more quantities of tea and coffee products.

After reasonable calculation, you can know the capacity of this packing machine every day, every month. This will help you to make the corresponding production plan.

The specifications of your bags

Base on the specification bag, our sales staff can recommend the appropriate packaging equipment for you. An accurate quotation arrives next.

Here’s the information our machine experts will ask for

  • Bag size: For bags that use roll film to make bags, the length and width of the bags are necessary. For premade bag type, the depth of the bag is also necessary.
  • The weight and volume of the product to be packed in the bag

The specifications of products

Tell the truth, the automatic packaging machine is designed and customized according to the specific product. So we need to know the product in detail.

  • Physical properties of the product: particle size, density, easy flow or not.
  • Requirements of product packaging environment, such as temperature and humidity.
  • Does the production process need dust removal, anti-static and other requirements?


A beard well lathered is half shaved. Answering these questions will greatly increase the efficiency of our engineers in formulating packaging plans for you. We’re here to help.

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