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xhteapack team

About Me

I guess, since you’ve arrived here, you may be interested in me! So please, keep scrolling!

Eric lu

My Chinese name is:’ luwencan’, My first job after graduating from university was working in the freight forwarding industry. From then on, I began to connect with foreign trade work. I was impressed by the level of detail and coordination required for foreign trade work.

I joined xhteapack in 2018. At first, my boss tasked me with building foreign consumers and selling the company’s automatic pouch packaging machinery to people in need of increased productivity. But, things are rarely that easy.

xhteap B2B website

Why build this website?

Xhteapack has been providing automated pouch packaging equipment and maintenance for domestic customers in China, with a focus on tea bag packaging and food item packaging projects. We began to have customers from other countries as well, such on as in Vietnam, the Philippines, the United States, and others. We found that we don’t have a platform to market our goods in foreign countries while serving our clients.

As a result, we also paid to build our site in Alibaba and Made in China. We wish to establish more collaborative possibilities. However, with an increase in potential sources came an equal increase in manufacturers who were unqualified- including some less reputable businesses and newly established companies.

Customers become perplexed as they have more and more alternatives to select from, and each time they ask similar questions.

  • “How do I choose the right automated packaging machines?”
  • “Which bag should I choose, as a packaging solution for my product?”
  • “How about the difficulty of operation and equipment maintenance of automated packaging machines?” 

When I looked for answers on Google, there was simply no piece or study that addressed these issues effectively. So I decided to start a website and write some articles, and case studies, as a means of therapy. Although we are not perfect, our only purpose is to ensure that all of our website visitors’ questions and doubts are answered!!!

How did Eric build the xhteapack?

I began to realize in 2020 that I could create my own website using WordPress. So I did some research and discovered how to create websites on my own. On YouTube, I found a number of wordpress site building videos that were very helpful. So I followed along step-by-step and built my own site.

I started to study SEO knowledge in earnest on backlinko in the second half of 2021. And apply what I’ve learned to It was not until March 2022 that the site was gradually investigated and received inquiries.


Final Word

I will continue to add pouch packaging content here, and if you have a question or want to reach out to me. Here is my contact information.