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Instant coffee packaging

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What is instant coffee?

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Instant coffee, also known as soluble coffee or coffee powder, is a drink that is consumed from coffee beans.

Adding hot water or milk to the instant coffee and stirring helps people make hot coffee quickly. In contrast to making regular coffee, instant coffee is quicker, cheaper, and easier to make.

Instant coffee raw materials

Coffee arabica varieties and Coffee robusta varieties are the most widely consumed types of coffee beans in the world. 

In terms of growing a robusta, it has a short growing cycle, high yields, and a long picking season. As such, it is more affordable.

Consequently, people often use arabica coffee for superior quality. people tend to use it more than robusta coffee for instants.

Whereas coffee companies choose robusta to use for instant coffee.

Before making instant coffee, coffee producers would roast the coffee beans to drive the excess moisture out.  Then, the coffee beans would be ground into fine particles for industrial brewing.

Benefits of instant coffee

Although some people believe this, instant coffee is actually a mixture of coffee extract and sugar.

They even wonder if instant coffee is lacking some important nutritional values that traditional coffee has for its rapid preparation.

That’s not the case at all.  As a matter of fact, there are many benefits of instant coffee that original coffee does not provide.

  • Instant coffee can be brewed directly and consumed. It does not require professional coffee knowledge or a coffee maker.
  • Much easier to clean. Instant coffee dissolves rapidly in hot water with no grounds left behind.
  • To produce the same quantity of beverage, instant coffee is lighter in weight and smaller in volume than beans or ground coffee.
  • Instant coffee is generally packaged in individual single-serve packages with a long shelf life.
  • Instant coffee is cheaper and more suitable for business negotiations, hotel catering, self-service drinking, etc.

Instant Coffee Market Overview

Instant coffee is very popular in many parts of the world.

Due to the ease of use, instant (or soluble) coffee has been widely accepted by consumers.

A significant portion of the roasted coffee on the market is made into instant coffee.

In some countries, it may even exceed 50% of the total coffee utilization.

instant coffee market forecast

It was estimated that the Instant Coffee Market Size was USD 25.09 Billion in 2020. 

Based on the authoritative survey report, from 2021 to 2028, the Instant Coffee Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.13%, reaching USD 34.61 Billion.

Nowadays, instant coffee producers are constantly improving the aroma of instant coffee to approximate that of freshly brewed coffee.

As well, instant coffee manufacturers are providing new flavors in the market, such as mocha, green bean, etc., in an effort to increase sales.

Also, they will develop a variety of packaging to accommodate the sale and use of instant coffee. Among them, single-serve packets are being developed that are highly convenient for carrying and consuming.

If you are familiar with the instant coffee market and instant coffee packaging. It will be beneficial to your coffee packaging business to invest in a powerful instant coffee packaging machine.

How is instant coffee packaged?

When it comes to instant coffee, the secret to a perfect brew doesn’t just lie in the beans. It’s also about the packaging.

The Must-Have Functions of Instant Coffee Packaging

1. Moisture-Proof: As instant coffee particles are very dry, they can easily absorb moisture from the air. That’s why a good coffee packaging bag needs to be moisture-proof, keeping your coffee dry and fresh.

2. Light-Proof: Light, especially sunlight, can degrade your coffee over time. So, your coffee packaging needs to be a knight in shining armor, protecting your precious beans from the harmful effects of light.

3. Puncture-Resistant: There’s nothing worse than a coffee spill. A puncture-resistant packaging ensures that your coffee stays where it should be – inside the bag.

In this way, the instant coffee inside the bag can stay dry until it is purchased and opened by the consumer.

The right instant packaging materials for the Job

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about the materials that can deliver these functions.

1. Plastic Film: OPP、PET + LDPE. This material is like the superhero of coffee packaging. It’s moisture-proof, light-proof, and puncture-resistant. Plus, it adds a shiny, premium feel to your packaging.

2. Kraft Paper: Paper+PET+LDPE. If you’re going for a more natural, eco-friendly vibe, kraft paper is your best bet. It’s sturdy and offers decent protection against moisture and light.

3. Aluminum Foil Composite Film: PET+ALU+LDPE. This material like a fortress for your coffee, offering excellent resistance against moisture, light, and punctures. Plus, it adds a shiny, premium feel to your packaging.

Whether you go for Plastick film, kraft paper, aluminum foil composite film, or OPP/PET, remember: the goal is to keep your coffee fresh and tasty.

Instant coffee packing types

Picture this: the world of instant coffee packaging, a bustling marketplace filled with flexible pouches, sturdy jars, and more.

Now, imagine you’re in a setting where your instant coffee needs to be on hand for multiple pick-ups. That’s where gusset bags or jars come into play. They’re not about that single-serving life, but they’re perfect for a coffee-loving crowd.

But let’s shift gears and talk about the real stars of the show: single-serve instant coffee packets. These little gems, including small sachets, stick pouches, and pillow bags, are the talk of the town. They’re versatile, lightweight, and recyclable – a triple threat!

What’s their secret? They make brewing a cup of coffee a breeze. Quick, easy, and fuss-free.

And here’s the clincher: flexible pouches are the reigning champs in the market share arena, particularly when it comes to single-serve instant coffee stick pouches. So, if you’re a fan of ‘one cup, one packet’, these are your go-to.

Single Use:

  1. Single-serve instant coffee stick pouches
  2. Small sachets
  3. Pillow bags

Multiple Pickups:

  1. Gusset bags, Zipper bags
  2. Jars, cans

Instant Coffee Packaging Machine

Stickpack Machines for instant coffee (instant coffee stick Packing Machine)

Usually, a single-serving stick bag, such as the Nescafe Classic Stick Pack can hold about 2 grams of instant coffee, which can brew about 200ml of coffee.

For instant coffee powder, we have integrated the stickpack machine with an auger screw filler and put it into operation. For example, Nescafe’s 3-in-1 coffee mix sticks are produced by this instant coffee pack machine.

In order to meet the demand of instant coffee manufacturers for faster packing, we have introduced the multi-lane stick pack machine. It can enhance the packing efficiency of instant coffee powder stick pack machines exponentially.

For instance, the single-lane stick small coffee packaging machine can finish 40-60 packs per minute. With 3-channel stick pack filling machines, 150 items per minute can be obtained.

By the way, the stickpack machines can be equipped with various cutting knives to achieve various seal patterns. And the stick pouch corners can be rounded or right-angled as needed.

VFFS Sachet packing machine for instant coffee(VFFS small coffee packaging machine)

VFFS instant coffee sachet packaging machines typically use auger filler or volumetric cup filler to measure and fill powder items with good or poor fluidity.

A self-feeding device can be added to achieve fully automated packaging without manual assistance.

VFFS’s sachet packing machines can produce 3-side seal or 4-side seal pouches, which allows them to hold more instant coffee than stick pouches do.

For example, 50g  Nestle Nescafe Classic Coffee Pouch. VFFS sachet packing machines can even pack gusset bags and quad seal bags to accommodate more weight of instant coffee.

Prices for instant coffee packaging machines

Coffee packaging machines range widely in price.

Firstly, is the coffee stickpack machine fully automatic? It means the cost of the coffee packaging machine comes across with the degree of automation. Since fewer laborers work and manual errors happen in the automatic packaging machine.
Secondly, the functions given to the packaging machine will also impact its price as well. The more functions the machine has to realize, the more elaborate design and manufacturing process is required.
Thirdly, craftsmanship quality and material quality matter most. The longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs make high-quality instant coffee packaging machines more valuable.

Apart from these, the price of coffee packing machines is also affected by many other factors, such as brand, market demand, and so on. As a coffee packaging equipment manufacturer with its own factory, we offer customized packaging solutions for your coffee packaging business. Contact us and you’ll get an affordable price for an instant coffee packaging machine.
With our own factory, we offer all kinds of coffee packaging machines at a reasonable price. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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