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XH-DLS Multi lane stick pack machine

The XH-DLS Multi-Lane Stickpack Packing Machine is a high-performance vertical stick pack machine that can be extended to 4, 6, 8, or 10 lanes. This machine is effective for those who want an easy way to package their product without sacrificing quality or speed.

It is perfect for packing powders, grains, liquids, and pastes into stick pouches.

This multi-lane stick pack machine also accommodates extra function modules to be combined with the base machine, as needed.

Bag types

Stick pouch sample

round corner bag, three sides sealing bag, and special shape bag.

The packaging material uses roll stock film, like PE/PET, BOPP/PET, or laminated film; aluminum foil film, et.

Demo video


  • Equip the film unwind and film tension device.
  • All motions happen at the same speed.
  • Features branded components, like PLC and Cylinder.
  • Can be used with different types of filling systems.
  • User-friendly HMI.
  • Requires little maintenance

Technical data




Packaging Method

Heat Sealing and Cutting

Measurment Method

Volumetric cup filler/Auger dosing filler/Piston pump filler/Vibrating counter filler

Weighing Range


Bag Size

Bag length: 30-140mm. Bag width: 10-50mm.



Machine Size


Machine Weight


Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Equipments options

  • Date printer.
  • Easy tear-notch device.
  • Corner bag shaping device.
  • Hole punching device for circular, plane, or euro slot shapes.
  • Linking bag device, for automatic bag sealing.

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