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Volumetric cup filler vertical packing machine

XH-20BK volumetric cup filler machine

The XH-20bk food sachet packing machine is fitted with a volumetric cup filler system. It is ideal for packing products that flow freely and have a constant volume density, such as rice, sugar, beans, cereal, candy, nuts, coffee beans, and more.

By the way, You can easily fine-tune the cup volume to make sure every packet has the right amount of product.

Specify your requirements, and we’ll hand-select the best volumetric cup filling machine for you.

Bag types

Package Style:

This volumetric cup small sachet packaging machine can make a lot of different types of packages, like 3-side seal sachet, 4-side seal sachet, pillow bag, and stick pouch.

3 side seal sachet  4 side seal sachetpillow bagstick pouch

Film Material

Plastic films, like PE/PET, BOPP/PET, or laminated film.

Demo video


  • Flexible bag format. The bagging machine can handle sachet with tear notch, and different shapes.
  • Simple Operation. The touchscreen operator interface is easy to use and the PLC controls various packaging parameters. You can monitor the entire packaging process.
  • Maintenance-friendly. This rotary cup filling machine’s modular design helps make cleaning and maintenance simple.
  • Precise and speedy. The volumetric cup filler is designed to fill cups quickly and accurately. This machine is great for high and medium production outputs because it still provides a good seal.
  • Fine craftsmanship. Driven by a servo motor from a first-class brand. the volumetric cup filler can be integrated with a bagging machine so that they work together.

Technical data

Additional information



Packaging Method

Heat Sealing and Cutting

Measurment Method

Volumetric cup filler

Weighing Range


Packaging Size

Length: 45-150mm Width: 20-100mm



Machine Size

1260 x 980 x 1800 mm

Machine Weight


Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Equipments options

  • Hole punch (Euro slot or round)
  • Tear notch
  • Chain Style bag
  • Date printer. Used to print production date and batch number.

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