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Vertical sachet 4 side seal packaging machine

XH-20QDK 4 side seal packaging machine

The VFFS sachet packaging machine is designed to package small granular products, including sugar, salt, dry food, pet food, etc.

This vertical packaging machine uses a combination of electronic weighers to fill granular products in 3 side seal sachet, 4 side seal sachet, pillow bag, or stick pouch.

Bag types

Package Style:

The vertical sachet Packaging Machine offers a variety of pouch options to fulfill different needs, such as 3 side seal sachet, 4-side seal sachet, pillow bag, stick pouch, etc.

3 side seal sachet  4 side seal sachetpillow bagstick pouch

The sachet packaging material uses plastic film, like PE/PET, BOPP/PET, or laminated film; aluminum foil film and paper film also work.

Demo video


  • Multipurpose. Catering to the needs of the food, cosmetic, pet food, medical and pharmaceutical industries is ideal.
  • Simple to operate. Our sachet packaging machines are controlled by PLC with a touch screen.
  • Wide packing options. The sachet can be between 60 and 250 mm wide, between 60 and 350 mm long, and between 20 and 2500 grams in weight.
  • High output, yet works very quietly.
  • Durable and with little maintenance. The vertical sachet packaging machine is built very solidly and is equipped with high-end components. (Siemens PLC and Control Panel)

Technical data




Packaging Method

Heat Sealing and Cutting

Measurment Method

Intelligent electronic weigher

Weighing Range




Machine Size


Machine Weight


Powder Supply

220V 50-60Hz (Transformer for local voltage prepared by the customer)

Air Supply

0.6MPa (Provided by the customer )

Equipments options

  • Nitrogen flushing device.
  • Finished product conveyor, to deliver finished sachet products.
  • Date printer. Used to print production date and batch number.

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