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A guide to boosting your coffee packaging business

coffee packaging business

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From freshly roasted beans to a perfect cup, coffee packaging companies are an integral part of the coffee industry.

Coffee farmers, suppliers, and packaging machine manufacturers all profit from this.

We’ve seen coffee served differently — from cappuccino, latte, espresso, affogato, ristretto, and so on. This is because coffee packaging companies use different materials for different types of packaging.

So, you’ve decided to start a coffee packaging business. Excellent choice! Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and there’s a lot of opportunity in the coffee packaging market.

But before you can start packing those delicious beans, you need to make some important decisions about your business.

What kind of packaging will you use? How will you distribute your product?

This guide will help you answer those questions and more, so that your coffee packaging business can thrive. Let’s get started!

Typical coffee products and coffee packaging styles

Coffee is available in a variety of forms and packaging. It can be consumed as a powder, bean, ground, or drink.

Individual packaging in pouches, bags, jars, cans, or reclosable packages works for all of these product categories.

Coffee packaging matters.

Once unsealed, Coffee beans can lose their flavor and freshness after just a few days when they are not stored correctly. For each purpose, there is a better one.

Coffee powder packaging

ground coffee powder.jpg

Coffee powder packaging is important for keeping your coffee fresh.

Pouches and bags are often with zippers, which makes them easy to close and store. For jars, always keep the lid on to preserve freshness.

Coffee bean packaging

coffee bean.jpg

Coffee beans are sensitive and need to be packaged accordingly.

Choosing the wrong packaging could result in stale beans that don’t taste their best. 

Doypack, Gusset bag, flat bottom bags, pillow bags, and quad seal bags are the best types of packaging for coffee beans.

It’s preferable that these beans come in a pouch with a one-way valve.

This will ensure the moisture and oxygen from the air get into the bag and keep the coffee beans fresh.

At the same time, it also allows the carbon dioxide produced by the respiration of the coffee beans in the bag to escape, and the bag will not burst.

Coffee drink packaging

coffee drinking botte

Bottles and cans are typically used to package coffee drinks. They are very durable and efficient at storing the liquid inside.

Keeping the coffee drink in the packaging preserves coffee’s freshness and flavor for a long time.

What is a coffee bag packaging machine?

Coffee packaging machines are manufactured to work with flexible packaging materials, which can store coffee for longer periods of time.

These machines make storage easier and enhance personalization more accessible.

Weighing and Dosing device

  1. Combination Weighers: The high-speed and high-precision weighing scales can handle a range of products, from coffee beans, bakery, biscuits, cookies, cereals, fruit seeds, snacks, chips, flakes, nuts, pet food, etc. The units are also built with a variety of features that make them easy to use, clean and maintain.
  1. Linear Weigher: Linear Weigher allows you to automate your highly repetitive, labor-intensive processes. Its modular design allows it to be used in a variety of settings. It can be customizable and expanded as needed. 
  1. Volumetric Fillers:  The volumetric filler is a device that utilizes cups to measure out a defined amount of free-flowing product. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with our VFFS machines.

Packing machinery

VFFS machine

vffs machine

Vertical bagging systems are a type of vertical form fill seal machine that’s commonly used in the food packaging industry.

VFFS machines are popular because they can quickly and efficiently package a wide range of products.

Pre-Made Pouch Machines

doypack machine.jpg

Premade Pouche packaging has proven to be a lucrative business thanks to its convenience and focus on individually packaged servings

These machines come in all shapes and sizes and have been designed to fit any company’s manufacturing workflow.

They allow production to keep pace while using a multi-head system, which is integrated into a full automation process.

Premade Pouch machines are built to accommodate any production workflow.

And they can integrate with various feeding systems – including multi-head weighers – to ensure automatic packing operation.

Stick pack machine

stick coffee packing machine.png (1)

The stick pouch machine is a type of vertical form and filling machine that can be used to fill multiple products, such as coffee, drink mixes, and various liquid or gel products.

How do automatic coffee packaging machines benefit your business?

Any coffee aficionado will tell you that freshness is key to a great cup of coffee.

And any business owner knows that time is money.

That’s where automatic coffee packaging machines come in.

By packaging coffee products quickly and efficiently, these automatic packaging machines can help to preserve the coffee items’ freshness and flavor.

  1. The highly automated coffee bag packing machine ensures high productivity. 
  2. Coffee bag packing machines are less likely to make errors when packaging coffee than people.
  3. The coffee bag machines are typically precise, they can minimize material wastage.
  4. You can save labor costs by using fewer people.

Invest in a coffee packaging machine: facts to consider

You need to consider some factors before investing in a coffee bag packaging machine. Here are some of them:

  1. Expenses associated with human labor increasing.
  2. Looking for longer shelf life for your coffee.
  3. Frequently reworked or underfilled coffee packages.
  4. The most important point is to calculate the ROI of your investment in coffee packaging machines. This blog post can help you with that(click here).


Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but if you don’t take care when packaging it, your profits will drop through the floor. 

Packages that look good will draw customers to your products.

We deliver the latest and most advanced coffee packing machine to boost your business.

If you have any other questions or need more information about this story, please contact us for more information.

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