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Strong Drip Bag Coffee Packing Machines Improve Results

Customer visit

Customer: Lucoteco, A Self-branded coffee house

Country: Australia

Products: Single-serve Medium grind coffee packet


  1. Improving the packaging efficiency of old-style hanging ear drip coffee packaging equipment. The packing speed can reach 50 bags/min with an error within ±1g.
  2. Find a new type of coffee packaging equipment to produce fedora drip coffee filter bags.

Case background

The coffee house sells its coffee and tea products through Shopify and offline stores. Demand for drip bag ground coffee products was growing very fast. This is a very competitive market, however. 

Now they have discovered an upgraded version of the single-serve coffee packet design, the Fedora drip coffee filter bag. This is an emerging single-serve pour-over coffee package with a better coffee brewing experience. Now, they urgently needed a reliable, high-speed, fully automated packaging solution to help them realize the mass production of the fedora drip coffee filter bag. That way, they could take the market by storm. 


  • The old drip coffee packing machine can only fill 30 bags per minute, and the tolerance is approximately 2 grams. They must deal with the fact that their metering precision is inadequate.
  • The wrapping was bad when they tried to speed up package production, and the high heat destroyed their packaging film and materials.
  • Taking into account the limited area of their coffee shop in Australia, as well as the high temperature and humidity, the small shape and efficient external packaging design have become important considerations when choosing packaging equipment.
  • The design for the new type of fedora drip coffee filter bag. The major issue they faced was that they had yet to find an automatic packing machine that could produce the new drip coffee packs quickly and precisely.

What we have done for the Lucoteco coffee house

Upgrade program for old packaging machines
  • Customers’ actual situation is reviewed in conjunction with the requirements of coffee ground packaging.
  • Adjust the packing machine to match the customer’s bag size, material properties, and weight. The new type of drip coffee packing machine is able to fill 60 bags per minute and meets the customer’s needs. And the range of variation is less than 1g.
  • Sealing is effective and won’t leak in all situations.
  • With the use of the vacuum feeding device and outer bag nitrogen filling apparatus, overwrap drip coffee packaging equipment can effectively prevent oxygen and moisture from entering. As a result, ground coffee may be kept fresh for a long time.
  • The buyer entrusts the partner in China to send coffee powder samples to our factory. We will do the test packaging for the customer free of charge, and show the whole packaging process to them via video according to the agreement. Then we deliver the completed product to the client for verification.

When the machine fulfills all of a client’s requirements, we continue to work hard and improve it. Also, we have invited the client’s Chinese partners to the factory for acceptance.

New project for the fedora drip coffee filter

fedora drip coffee filter bag packing machine

In a rotary fill, this UFO-style drip coffee bag packaging machine can perfectly weigh ground coffee and fill pre-made coffee filter paper sachets. Place a plastic lid on each filter bag once completed.

Plus, to keep the flavor of the coffee, the automatic coffee pouch filling machine can produce an outer envelope packaging. This rotary coffee pouch machine has a small footprint and may save a lot of room. Based on the new drip coffee filter packet arrangement, we can provide custom-made solutions.


These coffee packing equipment function perfectly, and the finished bag is very elegant. They assist us in decreasing packaging waste by enabling us to precisely measure it. The whole process, from testing to installation and training only took two weeks, which saved us a lot of time.

In particular, the stylish fedora drip coffee filter packaging machine. We’re already working on a number of new product ideas for our cafe. They pack out the goods, which is ideal for advertising our new recipe. Customers have given us excellent feedback.

Gaetan from Coffee House Lucoteco