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The essential guide for coffee frac pack machine

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What is frac pack coffee?

Frac packs refer to fractional portions of coffee bags.

It is a small lightweight pillow bag of pre-ground coffee that has been pre-measured just enough for one pot of coffee. You can open the frac pack and then dump the coffee ground in the coffee filters to brew coffee.

Nowadays, consumers prefer to choose the fraction pack coffee due to its single-serve features and portability.

How much coffee is in a frac pack?

Fractional packs typically range from 1.5 oz up to 8 oz. Just a fraction of a pound.
Pick the size best suited to your brewing technique. In general, people choose a 1.5 oz pack to fit a 64 oz glass pot.

frac coffee pack
sealing jaw 1

Fractional packaging challenge

Many of our clients, who make single-serve coffee goods with frack pack coffee being a key product, have specific concerns.

They aim to quicken packaging time, but lack the necessary factory space. They also inquire about the potential to enhance our coffee pouch machine’s flexibility and the precision of the filling devices to cut down on wastage.

Currently, their solution is to over-fill their products to maintain the required weight.

Various tea bag packaging solutions for small business

To gain more market share for the individual coffee bag packaging business, the frac pack coffee producers need powerful automated coffee packaging equipment to fulfill their growing frac coffee pack orders.  

food sachet packaging machine

Small vffs sachet packaging machine for frac pack

  • You can finish pillow bags for single-serve packs or fractional packs
  • Based on the actual situation, the packaging speed can reach 40-60 bags per minute.
  • With optional features such as linking pouches, punching, and so on.
  • Ideal for startups with low costs and low technical thresholds.
collar type packing machien

Collar type VFFS machine for coffee products

  • As well as frac coffee packs, bag-in-bag packs for fractional packs sealed inside an outer bag are also possible.
  • The VFFS packing machines has more powerful packaging capabilities, including a wider range of weight and bag options.
  • Can be integrated with a variety of fillers, such as auger screws, measuring cups, and multi-head scales.
  • Packaging speed can reach 100-130 packs per minute.
  • The dual jaw continuous motion of the machine ensures more contact time with the packaging film, resulting in a better seal that prevents the product from leaking out.

Capabilities of coffee frac pack machine

If you are a coffee producer, a powerful frac coffee packaging machine must meet 3 indicators:  fill accuracy, sealing performance, and packing speed.

Accurate filling

Coffee makers aim for a specific target weight for their products. Under-filling leads to high defect rates, while over-filling adds unnecessary costs.

For frac coffee packs, we suggest using our horizontal feed screw for accurate and consistent dispensing within +-0.5.

Tight sealing

The seal quality impacts the frac coffee’s freshness and pack aesthetics. An effective seal protects the coffee from air exposure, preserving its aroma.

Our sealing technology offers perfect seals at high speeds without excessive heat, thus avoiding film damage.

Fast Packing speed

Packing speed is crucial for coffee producers. Factors like material properties and packaging weight affect this speed.

To help, we offer a free trial pack service to identify your optimal packing speed. Our VFFS frac coffee packers can reach speeds of 90-120 packs per minute.

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