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Collar type packing machine

Experience unrivaled efficiency with our collar type packing machine, designed for composite film. Perfectly suited for VFFS packaging, it maximizes productivity and quality.

collar cube

What Is a collar type pouch packing machine?

A collar-type packing machine is a large and medium-sized vertical packing machine that uses a forming collar to make bags.

This packaging machine is better adapted to the composite film, creating smooth bags that are less likely to deform, wrinkle, or tear.

Businesses often utilize it to package heavier granules and powder materials. The machine can work with different types of bags, including three-sided seals, four-sided seals, pillow bags, and gusset pouches.

Collar type vertical packaging machine

Our collar-type pouch packing machines are easy to use and provide a quick way to package food and non-food items.

Why choose collar type pouch packing machines?

Technical features

  • Intermittent motion packing machine.
  • Famous brand PLC controlled.
  • Flexible combined with volumetric cup filler, augur filler, linear weigher, and multi-head weigher.
  • Quick changeover – Multiple bag sizes can be packaged on one machine.
  • User-friendly HMI is easy to set up.
  • Long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • Food Grade Stainless steel Contact parts.


  • Granular products: rice, sugar, salt, seeds, medicines, etc.
  • Snacks products: biscuits, chips, cookies, nuts, puffed food, etc.
  • Powdered products: free-flowing and non-free-flowing products, like spices, coffee powder, milk powder, etc.
  • Liquid products: water, fruit juice, sauce, paste, etc.

The basic knowledge of collar type packaging machine

To assist you in picking a collar-type pouch packaging machine that would be most beneficial for your company, we have created the following content.

As the name implies, this is a bag former that looks like a collar.

forming collars

The film enters a tube that will form it into the right shape.

The forming collar deforms the flat film into a gradually curled cylinder as the film is pulled.

At that time, the outermost edges of the film will overlap each other, marking the beginning of creating the bag.

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