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Best tea packing machines in Kenya

Supply automated tea bag packing machines to fulfill Kenya client’s various needs for tea packaging.

How about the tea bag business in Kenya?

Tea is a widely-grown, major cash crop in Kenya. According to recent data, Kenya produced 540,000 metric tons of tea in 2021. In just the first three months of 2022, 135,800 metric tons have already been created.

The most commonly found tea in Kenya is black. However, if a customer orders it, then producers can also make green tea, yellow tea, and white tea.

Tea packing solution for Kenya client

Automatic tea bag machines are a great way to get started in the tea business. These Tea packing machines can quickly and efficiently pack tea bags with the required quantity of tea.

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Xhteapack's tea bag machines familly

Our tea packing machines are perfect for Kenya tea bag producers. They can significantly increase tea bag production while reducing labor costs.

Automatic tea bag packing machine

Automatic tea bag packing machine

The XH-68 tea bag overwrap packing machine is perfect for packaging granular materials like tea dust, black tea leaves, herbal teas, and health teas. The finished product - a filter tea bag with or without string and tag - will be sealed in a 3 side seal pouch. It can pack up to 40-50 envelope tea bags per minute.

It is an excellent and affordable tea bag machine for small-scale tea bag producers.

Pyramid tea bag machine

Pyramid tea bag machine

If you are looking for an efficient way to package loose-leaf tea for a single serve, like herbal tea, flower tea, blend tea, etc. We recommend our pyramid tea bag machines.

This machine can automatically measure, make bags, fill and seal pyramid tea bags without any headache. If needed, the overwrap envelope packing solutions can be added.

Single serve drip coffee bag packing machine

Single serve drip coffee bag packing machine

The XH-69 drip coffee bag packing machine can package ground coffee into single-serve packets. like Brazilian, Guatemala, Honduras, Villa, and Arabica, etc., as well as other small granule products.

This machine uses ultrasonic welding technology to produce coffee bags with a beautiful design. If you need, you can add a nitrogen gas filling device to keep the contents fresh and flavorful before brewing.

Features & Advantages

Easy operation

The touch screen control panel on the machine lets you easily set the tea bag weight and dimensions in minutes.

Durable and reliable

These tea-bagging machines are made of stainless steel, as well as dependable electrical parts. Not to mention, they have a long lifespan and a low chance of malfunctioning.

Multiple packaging materials

These tea bag packing machines can use different types of materials to package single-use tea bags, including filter paper, nylon, and PLA fabrics.

Affordable price

Our tea packaging machines are usually priced below $5000, but the price will depend on which functions the customer needs. More functions means a higher price.

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