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Super-efficient tea bag machine for small business

Get more details about the automated tea bag packaging machines available at xhteapack for various tea packaging purposes.

Automatic tea packing machine boost your tea business

The tea industry is booming, but the challenge? Efficiently packaging your unique blends.

Manual packaging methods can be tedious, inconsistent, and fail to capture the essence of your brand.

That’s where our tea packing machine steps in. Simplify your process with our easy-to-use interface, ensuring that every team member can master it swiftly. Our machine doesn’t just package; it crafts an experience – from precise tea leaf measurements to the final sealed product.

Embrace the future of tea packaging, combining speed with unmatched accuracy.

tea bag machine

Small Tea Business? Think Bigger with Our Machine!

Packaging woes? Say no more. Our tea bag machine is the trusted partner you’ve been waiting for. Elevate your brand effortlessly.

dip tea bag packing machine with string and tag

Economical tea bag machine for startup

XH-11 tea bag machine can produce filter paper tea bag, be it square or round, complete with a thread and tag.

  • The volumetric filler can measure and fill tea dust as well as small granular materials, such as CTC black tea, green tea, etc.
  • All parts in contact with materials are made of food-grade stainless steel.
  • User-Centric Design: Intuitive and user-friendly, making tea bag production a breeze
dip tea bag machine.jpg

XH-68 Automatic tea bag machine with envelope

Elevate your tea game with this upgraded version of the XH-11. Not just content with crafting the perfect tea bag, the XH-68 goes a step further with external packaging:

  • Freshness Sealed: With nitrogen flushing, ensure your tea stays as fresh as the day it was picked. black tea, green tea, etc.
  • Smart Counting & Coding:Our built-in coding and intermittent counting devices mean precision in every batch. Workers can effortlessly pick a set number of tea bags for box packaging. 
  •  Built to Last: Durability meets design. Expect a machine that stands the test of time.
tea bag packaging machine

Pyramid tea bag packing machine

The pyramid tea bag machine is capable of packing either pyramid bags or flat ones. It is mainly used to pack regular and irregular materials like herbal tea,  jasmine tea, fruit tea, blend tea, etc. 

  • With the multi-head scales filling system, tea leaves are kept from squeezing each other and piling up, as well as being measured accurately.
  • Ultrasonic sealing devices make the nylon mesh tea bags sealed more firmly and safely. 
  • As secondary packaging for naked pyramid tea bags, outer bag packaging equipment can be added. 
  • Nitrogen flushing Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is also available. 
drip coffee packing machine.jpg

Drip coffee bag packaging machine

The drip coffee bag packaging machine can handle small granules for both internal and external packaging, including ground coffee, herbal tea, healthy tea, and other small particles.

  • The ultrasonic welding system is safe and effective. It can be used to seal PLA mesh, non-woven fabrics, and nylon tea bags.
  • Featuring overload and warning alarms.

Tea Bag Machine For Small Business: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

manufacturing progress

For small tea bag producers, their limited budget does not allow them to afford a high-tech automatic tea packing machine.

Xhteapack supplies reliable and affordable tea bag filling and sealing machines for them. 

Here is a real case to show you how we help you figure out how much a tea packaging machine costs. We also help you choose the right tea packaging machine or where to buy one.


A South African customer runs a small private-label tea business in Western Cape Province.

He was considering purchasing a  pyramid tea bag machine to expand its rooibos blend tea packaging capacity.

What we do:

Based on the customer’s requirements, we recommended to him a multi-head scales pyramid tea bag packaging machine.

The cost of the packaging equipment was between 13,000-16,000 USD.

The actual price can be confirmed only after confirming the shipping fee from China to South Africa.

What is the tea packaging machine cost ?

In our company, the tea packaging machines price range from $ 5,000 to $20,000.

It is mainly because different models of tea bagging equipment have different functions and technical specifications.

In the manufacturing process of tea packaging equipment, configuration and materials are the main factors that determine the price of the tea packaging machine.

Why dose the price of tea bag machines span so wide?

Usually, the basic configuration of the tea packaging machine includes a metering and feeding device, a packaging machine host, main electronic components, and some optional devices.

  • In the field of tea packaging, volumetric cups, screws, linear scales, vibratory scales, and multi-head scales are all common metering methods. Usually, the higher the accuracy requirement, the price of the related parts will be higher.
  • The packaging host is responsible for bag forming, material filling, as well as bag sealing. It is the core equipment of the entire tea packaging machine. Customized tea packaging machines, bag formers, and many other non-standard parts require a high level of manufacturing process and cost more man-hours
  • The automation of tea packaging machines cannot be achieved without reliable and precise electronic components, such as PLC, touch screen, cylinder, etc. In fact, since September 2021, the internationally renowned brands’ electronic components have risen very significantly.
  • We will add some optional devices according to customer’s requirements, such as nitrogen flushing device, finished product conveyor belt, and secondary packaging machine for filter bags, etc.
  • Manufacturing materials: our tea packaging equipment are made of thickened 304 stainless steel plate, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

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