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High-Quality Tea Bag Machines in Sri Lanka for Efficient Production

Provide tailored tea packaging solutions to help your business grow and succeed.

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Unlocking Sri Lanka's Tea Industry Potential

Sri Lanka is world-famous for its tea and is one of the planet’s leading producers and exporters. But now, we face a modern challenge.

As consumer demand for quality, convenience, and consistency in tea consumption grows, our traditional methods struggle to keep pace. The lack of efficient tea packaging solutions is holding back our potential.

This is where our high-quality tea bag machines come into play. By tapping into Sri Lanka’s escalating demand and love for tea, our machinery can revolutionize your tea production, making quality-packed brews easily accessible, and propelling your success in the thriving tea market.

Tea bag packing machines on sale

A high-quality tea packaging machine is critical for businesses in Sri Lanka’s booming tea industry.

Features & Advantages

Fully automatic

These tea packing machines can fully complete the tasks of feeding, metering, bag making, filling, sealing and counting the finished product. It can greatly reduce labor costs.

Durable and reliable

These tea-bagging machines, made of stainless steel and able to withstand prolonged use. Plus, they use high-quality electrical components, like branded PLCs, resulting in a low failure rate.

Multiple purposes

We offer a variety of packaging options for our tea, including sachets, square bags, triangle bags, and round bags. Tags and outer envelopes can also be added if needed.

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