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An upgraded drip coffee filter—UFO style drip coffee filter bag

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The Drip filter coffee bags was born in Japan in the 1990s. Now it has become a standard single-person coffee package. The one-cup coffee filter bag is portable and compact. Its simplicity makes it one of the most successful coffee packs ever made. Usually, filter bags are usually made of non-woven or nylon. It has good permeability and is safe.

How to brew coffee with drip coffee bag

When brewing, unfold the drip filter bag and hang it on the cup. The bag will form a spacious internal space.

Just pour into the boiling water and let the coffee powder come into full contact with the hot water. After a while, you’ll get a mellow cup of coffee.

Note: quickly fill the hot water to the mouth of the filter bag, then repeat it twice (a total of three times). After the hot water is filtered, you will get a delicious cup of coffee.

New style drip coffee filters

Yet, the development has no end. Now we have launched a new version of pour-over coffee filters. A complete set of UFO coffee filters mainly includes circular cardboard, filter bag, plastic lid, and label. Compared with the traditional hanging-ear coffee bag, it has the following advantages.

product comparison
Traditional styleUpgraded style
AppearanceAn expandable flat bag.The shape of the UFO is dazzling and cool.
Capacity8-10g.A hemispherical filter bag can fill up to 12g.
HolderThe paper holder is prone to weakness and subsidence.Broadened cardboard bracket for stronger support.
Display areaNo display area.Support personalized customization, with a wide display area, convenient for customers to promote products.
Use detailsOpen design, coffee temperature, and aroma are easy to lose.Widened paper edges and plastic lids provide better heat preservation and reduce the loss of coffee aroma.

Common Feature
Empty coffee filtersThe empty drip filter bag can be used alone. Customers can add ground coffee to brew according to their own dosage.
Packaging machineBoth coffee filter bags are equipped with corresponding coffee powder packaging machines. The packaging machine has a strong production capacity. And support nitrogen-filled outer packaging, moistureproof, and fresh-keeping.

Click here. We are very happy to share our experience of the new version drip coffee filters with you.

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