Automatic liquid pouch packing machines

Need help selecting the appropriate liquid packaging machines for your gooey and viscous products? Look no further – this quick guide will assist you in finding what you need.

Liquid, Paste and Viscous Products Packing Solutions

The liquid pouch packing machine you select needs to have the right configuration so that it works well and meets all of your company’s needs.

For example, our team uses the air piston to put liquids into containers very accurately. For certain thick fluids, it is better to use the correct heating equipment and stirring devices to transfer the product into its required bags.

To ensure that your sticky, high-viscosity, and wet materials are distributed in an accurate and consistent manner, we would construct dependable structural configurations.

Liquid products

Liquid packaging machines on sale

Our liquid pouch-filling machines are ideal for packaging a wide range of fluids, from high-viscosity liquids to low-viscosity ones.

XH-20TY ketchup packet filling machine

XH-20TY ketchup packet filling machine

Packing liquids into bags can be a laborious task, but with the aid of small liquid packing machines that come equipped with advanced PLCs and sensors, you will find yourself cranking out up to 60 packages per minute.

XH-20TJ sauce pouch packing machine

XH-20TJ sauce pouch packing machine

Ideal for the efficient packaging of viscous and free-flowing products, such as oil, sauces, honey, tomato ketchup, syrup, etc.

This sauce Sachet Packing Machine Features rapid filling with high accuracy that adhere to GMP standards; you can choose from three bag styles – 3 side seals; 4 side seals or center seals – making this machine an all-rounder!

XH-420L liquid pouch vertical packing machine

XH-420L liquid pouch vertical packing machine

This innovative and easy-to-use system features a piston filler dosing component, making it ideal for packing liquids such as milk, water, juice, detergent, oil, or even sauces like soybean sauce and mayonnaise with ultimate precision.

Features of liquid sachet packing machine

  • 304 stainless steel frame
  • Siemens PLC control with touchscreen operation
  • Date Coding
  • Multi-Language HMI
  • Automatic count & stop
  • Photoelectric eye
  • Runs most film material
  • Stirrer in the hopper.
  • Adjustable roller drive
  • Overload protection

Related bag styles


There are different things to consider like:

  • How easy it is to pour (liquidity).
  • How thick it is (viscosity).
  • How much it weighs (packaging weight).


Ultimately, you can choose from several types of packages such as 3-side seal bags, 4-side seal sachets, flat pillow bags, stand-up pouches with spouts, or even irregularly shaped sacks.

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