The essential guide to green tea packaging machines

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Have you considered automating your green tea packaging process?

Perhaps you’ve done some research and feel a little overwhelmed. You can rely on us to help you sort through some important information about automated green tea packaging. We will cover the types of green tea packaging equipment, how green tea packing machines work, what products and bag types they can accommodate, and resources to help you get started.

Single-serve green tea bag packaging machine

A tea bag usually refers to a single-serving tea packet that you can steep a cup of tea. It is highly respected by consumers because of its ease of use and portability. people can use the dip tea bag directly without the need for additional tea sets. In general, It is often used as tea samples or for daily consumption.

Machine type

There are two main types of tea bag packaging machines: Lipton green tea bag packaging machine and pyramid tea packing machine. The main difference is that rectangular tea bag machines are better suited for packaging green tea in tiny particles or powdered form. Alternatively, pyramid tea bag machines are better suited for packing higher-quality green tea leaf that has a more complete shape.


Tea bagging machines operate in a similar way to vertical form fill seal machines. Most of the rolls of film are typically made of low-cost packaging materials such as filter paper and nylon mesh. During the entire tea packaging process, all of these actions take place very quickly, sometimes simultaneously with a speed of 40-60 bags per minute. The tea bag packaging speed is highly dependent on the machine construction and the property of the tea leaves.

Tea bag types

The tea bag packaging machines are competent to pack most tea leaves in the filter tea bags. Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, etc, are all covered. Forms of tea leaves range from whole leaves and fragmented leaves to tiny tea particles.

Single-serve tea bags come in a variety of styles. In terms of tea bag shape, there are rectangular tea bags, pyramid/flat tea bags, and round tea bags. Threads and labels can be added to the tea bags as needed.  The bag-in-bag style individually wrapped tea bags are also available for inner filter tea bags sealed inside the outer wrapper.

Vertical Form fill seal green tea sachets packing machines

Individual tea sachets are the most economical way to package loose-leaf tea. Pouches with 3 side seals or 4-side seals are the most common. Also popular are gusseted pouches due to their flexible size and greater volume. Tea sachets usually also come with an outer wrapper, such as a cardboard box, metal can, or a rigid bag. Tea gifts are typically packaged in this way.

tea sachet

Machine type

VFFS sachet packing machines can pack a wide variety of flexible bags, such as pillow bags, small sachets, and gusseted pouches. With its Small footprint, Lower cost, and achievable high packing speed, Vertical form fill seal equipment is widely-used packaging machine types in the green tea packaging industry.


The VFFS packaging machine basically uses a large roll of packaging film to form tea sachets, fill the bags with tea leaves, and seal them. VFFS packaging machines can be integrated with a variety of feed devices depending on the forms of green tea. For instance, regular small green tea particles can be measured with a volumetric filler, matcha powder can be measured with an auger filler, while a more complete shape green tea leaf is best metered using a multi-head scale.

The VFFS green tea packing machine can pack 30-70 bags per minute. The packing speed depends mainly on the packing weight, the tea leaf characteristics, and the other packing requirements.

Bag types

For packing loose green tea in a small sachet, pillow bag style or pouches with 3 or 4 sides sealed are suitable.

Gusseted Pouch, with plenty of space inside, which can hold a larger amount of loose green tea.

Premade pouch Fill and seal machine for loose green tea

With its attractive appearance, the pre-made pouch makes a great display on a shelf. And the rigid structure and ample space are also ideal for loose leaf green tea packaging. In addition, a sealable zipper can be added to facilitate multiple pickups.

doypack for green tea

Machine Types

There are two main types of fill and seal equipment for packing tea: Rotary and Linear. 

  • Due to their circular layout, rotary pouch filling machine require less floor space because their starting point is located next to their endpoint. 
  • As linear fill and seal systems operate in a straight line, start and end points are located at opposite ends of the system, taking up more space.

In either rotary or linear types, they can pack all types of tea: whole leaf, broken leaf, and tea powder.


Unlike the VFFS packer, the pre-made pouch machine uses ready-made bags to fill and seal. Upon starting up the Premade pouch fill and seal machine, the doypack pouches would be placed into a magazine and fed into the machine one by one. Then the pouches would be opened and transported directly under the feeding device. After being filled with tea leaves, the pouches would be sealed and transferred to the finished product inspection area.

Similar to the VFFS packaging machine, the pre-made pouch machine can be integrated with different fillers like multi-head scales or augers. So that the premade pouch packing machine can accommodate a variety of tea ingredients.

Bag type

Premade pouch packing machines can seal and fill virtually any preformed pouch. In the green tea industry, Doypack stand-up pouches with zippers are most popular.

Recommendations for green tea packing machine

We find that in the green tea bag packaging industry the pyramid tea bag machines series and Lipton tea bag machines are the most popular models. At xhteapack, model XH-SJB triangular tea bag machines and XH-68 green tea bag packing machines are simple to set up and use. and the price is also very reasonable. Startup tea producers with limited funds would be well served by these models.

When it comes to packaging loose green tea, VFFS green tea sachets packaging machines rank as the most cost-effective choice. It can package green tea in a variety of bag types and sizes. If packaging speed is a high priority in your tea sachet packaging solution, the VFFS tea sachet packing machine is definitely your first choice.

The premade pouch packing machine is multipurpose packaging equipment that has a relatively high cost. Many tea producers whose products are highly positioned in the market want to promote their products even further. Premade pouch Packaging machines that come with stand-up pouches provide the perfect solution.

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